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Antiserum: OG Bass head to OG Funksta + breaking down Skunked

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  • Breaking down the funky Dubstep infused track, Skunked.
  • Evaluating the current trends in modern Dubstep & Riddim.
  • Playing shows in France & Budapest before Covid.
  • Signing with Maximum Boost Agency.
  • Playing the content game and releasing on the “regular”.
  • Live streaming shows from the Social Sanctuary in LA.
  • Mentoring with Pyramind.
  • Mixing & Mastering services business and assorted “random audio jobs” and releasing new Antiserum music.
  • Releasing on Subsidia Records with a whole new approach to putting out music.
  • Staying at the forefront of Dubstep with Excision.
  • Putting out lots of huge compilations.
  • Being consistent and working on multiple platforms.
  • Using Twitter to connect with his fans.
  • Producing in the arrange view in Ableton.
  • The nuances and intricacies of sampling.
  • How to use the free app soundflower as a virtual mixer for your computer for inspiration, sampling and accessing lots of content.
  • The pros & cons of self-releasing vs. signing label deals.
  • Producing the ultimate Antiserum album that combines multiple styles into the Antiserum “Sound”.
  • What it looks like to have a mentorship session with Antiserum.
  • Learning from failure as much as success. Failure as success training.

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