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Mentor My Mix Ep. 009 – Social Kid: Breaking down Epica and the creation of the Mid Tempo sound

  • Releasing on Synesthesia Records
  • Inspired by a love of baroque music and making bangers with harpsichord melodies and the original OG: J.S. Bach
  • Scoring an original track for the video game, Sunset Overdrive
  • Working with Reason and loving the interface, the look of the mixer and racks and the block arrangement views with block arrangement view with entire section color coding to create a great arranging tool
  • Choosing a DAW for the user experience because all the audio engine’s sound so good now.
  • Breaking down the production techniques of each of the stems ( Bass, Drum Bus, Melodic Bus, Blur FX, SFX Bus, Vox Bus) from the Social Kid hit track: Epica
  • Using the Blur FX (sweeps up and down and heavy impacts) to transition between sounds and sections
  • OTT for multiband upward and downward compression on the blur FX bus to glue the entire track together
  • Vocal processing techniques using panning and pitch shifting on each track and OTT and EQ (to cut out the low end) and delay & reverb on the group to create an “Epic” otherworldly sound.
  • The concept and history of K Theory
  • Meeting Dylan at Pyramind. Partnerships and collaborations
  • Falling in love with Dubstep early on
  • Looking for accessible exposure by bringing Dubstep to a “new level” by electrifying it and modernizing it in 2010
  • Pivoting to a lower tempo experiment with Glitch hop and mid tempo in 2011
  • Releasing tracks on Simplify, Mal Label and getting great exposure in the underground dance scene
  • Experimenting with 808’s and Trap with vocalist Malcolm Anthony
  • Cutting edge EDM with Rap vocals and Trap production launching K Theory to a whole new level
  • Playing lots of festivals like Red Rocks to Coachella, Electric Forest, Lightning In A Bottle, Snow Globe and Lovelution
  • Producing remixes for lots of artists posted on Trap Nation
  • Getting nominated for a Grammy for the GDFR remix
  • Having a great dynamic in the K Theory partnership with dual productivity
  • Dylan networking & doing shows while Dusting stayed back to produce tracks
  • Creative differences and getting disillusioned making very poppy music
  • Wanting to make heavy dance music
  • Getting kicked out of K Theory despite producing all the music
  • Experimenting by slowing down progressive house to mid tempo creating the Social Kid sound
  • Rez blowing up on the Deadmouse label creating a conduit for Mid Tempo and making Transmissions to be released
  • Releasing Chrystal Satellite on the Blood Moon EP and blowing up Social Kid
  • Breaking down Transmissions
  • Taking all the Pyramind classes twice and bringing 20 years of production chops after graduating from Pyramind in 2007 and becoming a mentor on the Pyramind Network

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