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Mentor My Mix Ep. 007 – Moldover: The Godfather of Controllerism, Remixing Four Track and The Sound Of Change

  • Remixing for political action with Dubfire and The Bishopgame
  • Four Track Remixed (The Sound Of Change)
  • The universal human condition, loneliness
  • The impact of Covid-19 and the current election cycle
  • The Affordable Care Act
  • An homage to nineties melodic rock meets contemporary electronic production
  • Production techniques creating variations and twists in the remix but honoring the original intention
  • Creating controllers that influence the music being made designed to give a more expressive live performance that balances technology and live real-time performance expression
  • The evolution of The Mojo, The Robocaster, and The MC1
  • Embracing musical influences from “the younger self”
  • East Coast transplant to the SF Bay
  • Studying Jazz, orchestration & Theory at Berklee College of Music
  • Moving to New York to be part of the scene
  • Coming to The SF Bay Area for a different quality of life and a different creative aesthetic and its legendary art scene
  • Going to Burning Man and finding a new radically inclusive approach to art
  • The changing face of San Francisco
  • Inspiring others to express their own creativity through interactive and innovative packaging like custom circuit boards for album artwork
  • Achieving “blow up successes” with indie releases
  • Performing with Ableton but not having the laptop visible on stage
  • Time management to stay focused
  • Meditation, Vipassana ten-day silent meditation retreats
  • Daily meditation & yoga practice
  • Spirit Rock & Dharma talks
  • Turning off distractions and building a barrier around yourself with no email, phone or messaging in order to create
  • “Nobody’s perfect”, being kind to yourself, self-care
  • Taking a giant mushroom to Las Vegas and working with Meow Wolf
  • A level of unprecedented interactive art
  • The Octo Masher and Jamboxes
  • The “Guitar Wing” and working with Livid Instruments and thebishopgame
  • Planning to start a consultancy firm
  • Working with Mickey Hart from The Grateful Dead
  • Finding joy in teaching and mentoring and helping people enable their own creativity
  • Teaching and mentoring for Pyramind
  • Continuity through community
  • Covid-19 creating Big changes in the Bay and the transforming landscape


Music Credits: Four Track Remixed

Intro Edit : Alone (Dubvirus Remix) & Shut Me Down (Aquiline Scope Remix)

Track One: Alone (Dubvirus Remix)

Track two and closing track: Just Like You (thebishopgame Remix)

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