Mentor My Mix - DJ Celeste

Mentor My Mix Ep. 006 – DJ Celeste: Working with Next Level Creative Tools in VR For Artists & DJ’s

In this episode Greg and DJ Celeste discuss the transition of the current live music industry from venues and festivals to online live-streaming, Twitch and VR parties, and using tools like Tiltbrush and Blender.

  • Collaborating with cello Joe in Oakland.
  • Filming a music video pre-covid.
  • The amount of musicians and producers in our orbit.
  • Producing and releasing music during quarantine.
  • Making vibrant music with Ableton for ecstatic dance parties.
  • The Boutique Electronique label in Germany.
  • Producing Hip-hop.
  • Livestreams with costumes.
  • The financial impact of Covid-19 on the artist community.
  • Learning to adapt to the new normal.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Wanting to believe in the arts and the good of people.
  • The cutting edge of music technology and its effect on the perspective of art imitating life and life imitating art.
  • Making VR art with Tiltbrush for events in Second Life.
  • Using Blender with help from a Pixar animator.
  • The struggle of using Mac vs Windows when developing in VR.
  • Learning how to use Unity.
  • Learning new platforms like Roblox, while mitigating the concern of too much screen time.
  • Missing Burning Man, adapting to the “Virtual Burn”.
  • Love of Anime, love of Unicorns.
  • Using Tribe XR as a VR platform to educate new and upcoming DJs, especially during quarantine.
  • Different VR creative and performance platforms like Wave and AltSpace, different platforms integration with Rekordbox.
  • Purchasing an Oculust Quest, and performing in VR at the Great Northern SF Nightclub.
  • Live VR performance DJ set.

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