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Meet Brennan Anderson | Disney Interactive

Meet Brennan Anderson – Pyramind alumni who now works at Disney Interactive as an Audio Producer. Brennan has worked on various titles including Star Wars: Assault Team, Star Wars: Commander, Frozen Free Fall, as well as Inside Out Thought Bubbles.

We had time to catch up with Brennan to talk about his career in game audio, as well as recent projects he has worked on. Brennan talks about how a Pyramind instructor helped him obtain an interview at Disney Interactive, and how his education prepared him for the role.

00:00:21 – How has Pyramind helped prepare you for your current position?

00:01:02 – Post Pyramind – getting his job at Disney

00:01:47 – Favorite part about his job

00:02:48 – Games he has worked on

00:03:55 – Classes he took at Pyramind

00:04:34 – Talks about using Logic

00:04:46 – Talks about writing parts for an instrumentalist in his Games 301 class at Pyramind

00:06:26 – Advice for Prospective Students

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