Congratulations May 2019 Scholarship Winner – Valeria Bonilla

Thank you to everyone who applied! We received an overwhelming number of submissions for our May 2019 Electronic Music Producer Scholarship. Today, we are excited to announce the winner:

Valeria Bonilla

Valeria is from Montevideo, Uruguay. She studied Film and Marketing in Buenos Aires in Argentina, but yearned for an education in music. After college, got a job as the social media manager for the biggest music festival in the country (Rhythm and Vines), where she met lots of people in the music industry. This is when she decided to start producing and Djing.

Val lived in New Zealand for 7 years after graduating from University of Buenos Aires. She had the opportunity to be a social media manager for one of the largest music festival in New Zealand called Rhythm and Vines. During this experience met lots of people in the music industry and began her music production journey.

Valeria discovered Pyramind as she searched for online courses and tutorials covering music production. She hopes to use her education at Pyramind to become an accomplished composer in the next 2 years.

Pyramind’s Thoughts

What struck us about Val is her insatiable desire to learn, try and DO. There were other applicants with better skills and more experience but it was clear that none of them had the sheer willpower she did. Her story, positivity, willingness to overcome challenges, commitment to her international musical community and “get it done” attitude was inspiring!

She presented us with incredible potential, a positive attitude, desire to build and give to her community and a never-say-die spirit that won us over. Congrats Val – can’t wait to get you into Pyramind’s Electronic Music Producer Program in SF and start working together!

We’re PSYCHED to invest our time, energy and money into her – we think her personal power, love of music and “never quit” mentality will take her far.

Watch her reaction to winning to see how inspiring she is and why we feel great about the choice of Val for winner:

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