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Mario Kart 8 “Results A” Game Music Breakdown

Mario Kart is one of the most iconic game titles of all time, with unique music throughout, so in this post we’re going to do a music theory breakdown one of their iconic tracks titled “Results A.”

In this jazzy piece, the composer makes use of major 7ths, suspended 7ths and some 13th chords along with a rolling ostinato throughout.

Take a look at the chord progressioin below and we recommend recreating the piece in your DAW as you follow along with the wonderful Jason Butler in the video below. Have questions? Book a one-on-one call with Jason HERE.

I – |Bbm7| Eb7|Bbm7|Eb7|Bbm7|Eb7|Fm7| BbSus7 B-7||
A – |Bbm7| Eb7|Bbm7|Eb7|Bbm7|Eb7|Fm7| BbSus7 B-7||
B – |F#m7|B7|F#m7|B7|E13|E13|E13|E13||
O- |Bbm7| Eb7|Bbm7|Eb7|Bbm7|Eb7|Fm7| BbSus7 B-7||


Download the session file here

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