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Mario Kart 8 “Results A” Game Music Breakdown

Mario Kart is one of the most iconic game titles of all time, with unique music throughout, so in this post we’re going to do a music theory breakdown one of their iconic tracks titled “Results A.”

In this jazzy piece, the composer makes use of major 7ths, suspended 7ths and some 13th chords along with a rolling ostinato throughout.

Take a look at the chord progressioin below and we recommend recreating the piece in your DAW as you follow along with the wonderful Jason Butler in the video below. 

Have questions? 

I – |Bbm7| Eb7|Bbm7|Eb7|Bbm7|Eb7|Fm7| BbSus7 B-7||
A – |Bbm7| Eb7|Bbm7|Eb7|Bbm7|Eb7|Fm7| BbSus7 B-7||
B – |F#m7|B7|F#m7|B7|E13|E13|E13|E13||
O- |Bbm7| Eb7|Bbm7|Eb7|Bbm7|Eb7|Fm7| BbSus7 B-7||

Download the session file here

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