Logic Pro X Tips & Tricks | SFLogicNinja | Mix Prep | Key Commands

“Getting ready to mix is half the battle”

In this tip, Dave Earl (aka SFLogicNinja) walks you through his process on prepping a session for mixdown. He also mentions a ton of useful key commands – we call them out on the screen so you can easily take note.

He begins by importing bounced files from an external Pro Tools session, and importing both audio and markers into Logic Pro X. Dave explains how his track organization mimics the way he used to mix on large format consoles and is a good method for keeping tracks easy to find and grouped. Color coding not only gives you a nice visual cue, but Logic lets you easily select and edit tracks by color.

Learn about the the importance of using VCA faders vs groups, as well as creating summing stacks. Dave shows us a nice trick to create a folder stack that includes all of his drums (even the summing stacks!) These techniques are crucial for Logic users, and we hope they help improve your workflow.

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