Kiive Audio Complexx 760 Plugin Review With Quinn

Kiive Audio Complexx 760 – Pyramind Plugin Review with Quinn

Pyramind instructor Quinn AKA WYRaM, reviews the new Complexx 760 Dynamics Processor plugin from Kiive audio, and shows a few practical applications for the plugin!

The Complexx 760 is meticulously modeled from a classic FET dynamics processor from the late 60’s, with some nice modernized features.  Quinn goes through the feature set of the plugin in detail, and talks about how to use those features to get results on a variety of sounds, and add character to, and control your mixes.

You can pick up a copy of Complexx 760, or any of the other great plugins from Kiive Audio Here:

0:00 Introduction

0:33 What is the Complexx 760

1:04 User Interface

1:45 Top Panel Controls

2:26 Power and Stereo Mode Switches

3:00 Compressor Settings

4:49 Limiter Settings

5:53 Expander/Gate Settings

7:47 Gain, Tone, and Sidechain Filter Controls

8:36 Drums  Example Settings

10:05 Guitar Example Settings

11:44 Vocal Example 1 Settings

12:58 Vocal Example 2 Settings

14:21 Synth Bass Example Settings

15:15 Full Mix Example Settings

16:36 Conclusions


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