West World Cue Competition - John Honore

John Honore’s West World Scoring Competition Cue Breakdown

Our most well known and coveted program at Pyramind is our Complete Producer Program which sets people on many tracks in the industry including scoring for film and TV. After graduating from Pyramind in it’s early days, John Honore has become a professional TV composer working in this industry.

He has now become a long-time friend and colleague on the mentorship network.

Watch the full video below and learn

  • why a film compser’s job is “assistant storyteller
  • the importance of leaving space for dialogue and sound FX
  • mastering for TV using
    • Panipulator to check his mix in mono
    • Gullfoss which is an AI plugin that tames unpleasant frequencies and magnifies pleasant ones
    • Brainworx Modus equalizers
    • UAD Brainworx Elysia Compressor
    • UAD Precision Limiter
    • Plugin Alliance – ADPTR Metric AB
  • the importance of using themes when scenes are changing

After graduating from Pyramind in 2004 John went on to found Master Fade Music, a production company located across the bay from Pyramind in Berkley, California.

Since then, John has created music and sound design for companies like YouTube, Sony, Konami, and others as well as various Non-Profit Organizations, and has contributed to scores for tv shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Real World, Bad Girls Club, Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami and Fox Sports as well as AAA games like Rockband and Guitar Hero.

John’s humility coupled with his significant talents and sincere love of music make him an ideal candidate for our mentorship network and we think you’ll agree!

Book a mentor session with John here.

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