Jasim Nasim | Complete Producer Graduate

1.     Tell me about your recent collaboration with Benny Dayal. How did you get introduced to him? What was it like working together? 
Benny Dayal and I went to the same high school in United Arab Emirates. Working with Benny is very vitalizing. During one of his visits to my studio, I played him the track, he loved it and the last piece were his vocals which we recorded the same day

2.     What program/class did you take at Pyramind and when did you attend?
– The Complete Producer Program
– Mixing & Mastering (Logic and ProTools)
– 5.1, 7.1 Surround Mixing
– Game Audio + F-Mod

3.       Who are your big influences?
I derive inspiration from everyone and everything; therefore I believe my music is a convolution of all my influences packaged tastefully for the sonic space.

4.     Did you have any music released before Pyramind?
Yes, I have release several covers songs and originals on YouTube (youtube.com/jasimonline) and Sound Cloud (soundclound.com/jasim) before joining Pyramind.

5.     What was your biggest challenge as a producer prior to Pyramind?
Completing tracks – I would create 16 bars of great music and then would have no idea where to go from there.
Writers Block – Spend weeks or months trying to create a single track.
Time Management – Used to spend hours tweaking a sound that I lose perspective of what the original idea of the track was which inspired me to start in the first place
Inefficient Workflow – Going back and forth between Production and Mixing and Arrangement and Writing and so on.
Mixing – Understanding frequencies and creating sonic space for each sound.
Mastering – Having the sounds pop out of the speakers to the hearts.
Music Business – How to make money while pursuing your passion.

6.    How did you decide which program to enroll in at Pyramind?
When I first heard about Pyramind, I wanted to learn everything it had to offer. So I signed up for the Master Program in Electronic Music Production and Sound Design.

The hands on teaching method and the sincerely invested faculty guided me in obtaining a better perspective about my strengths and areas I could specialize on to make a viable career out of my passion. So I went onto to doing more advanced courses on Mixing, Sound Design and Game Audio.

7.     What were some of your biggest takeaways from your time at Pyramind?
Pyramind has helped me build a concrete foundation in terms of music and audio production. It would have taken me years in the industry to even understand and implement the amount of information I learnt from Pyramind within a short period of time. The program and the amazing faculty has inculcated assertiveness in me that led me to choose the right path to curiously pursue my potential in the music world.

8.     What will you miss most about being enrolled at Pyramind?
The Pyrafam – staff and faculty help you with all your queries and relentlessly instill confidence in you.
My Pyramind Peer Group – Whether you are in class, out grabbing lunch or evening out at the pier, we were always discussing music synthesis, genres of music, and everything under the umbrella of audio world
All the students are extremely passionate. Having such a crowd from all over the world with diverse backgrounds and constantly exchanging conversations, sharing ideas, etc. is an invaluable experience that has helped me learn so much.

9.     Any words of advice to other young producers?

Flush out your ideas immediately. And move forward. Don’t over analyze it.
Never stop learning. There’s is always something to learn or a skill set that you can improve.
Practice everyday. You never know when your names called to “go up on stage”
Find Your Sound. In the world filled with musicians and artists, showcase your unique identity to the listener through your music.

10.  Where do you see your path as a producer going next?
Collaborate – There is a surplus number of really talented artists and musicians all over the world and the digital era has made it easy to connect and work with anyone. So I intend to collaborate with as many of them as possible.


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