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Jared Newman | Film Music Composer | Sound For Picture


Jared Newman

Jared Newman is a music composer and songwriter from the North Bay Area. His recent composing work includes several short films, a feature film called Donovan Reid, and a short action film called Spring.

Influenced by artists like Trent Reznor and Celldweller, Jared loves to infuse synthetic sounds with organic instruments, making him a versatile artist with the hope of inspiring listeners while taking them on an adventure.

Jared will be releasing his first EP late June. Donovan Reid will be released near mid summer, along with the soundtrack on all streaming platforms.

About Donovan Reid Film

Austin Smagalski’s debut feature is a thriller that takes a deep look into the lengths one will go to protect their idea of family. Full of twists and turns, DONOVAN REID follows a young man who shows up at the police station of a small coastal town claiming to be a long-lost missing child. While the father immediately believes this is his son, the mother and the police detective are not convinced. We also see, via flashbacks, the same person living with an older woman who calls him Michael and keeps him locked in the house and denied contact with anyone. Is this all just a scheme to escape his captor, and will he be exposed by the police, or a distant mother who will stop at nothing to get a DNA test? An old childhood friend who has become an investigative reporter tries to get to the truth and causes the young man to question who he really might be and why he was taken. Both stirring and mysterious, this impressive first feature was shot locally in Petaluma and Dillon Beach with a local cast and crew. Film score by Jared Newman.

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