A man in front of a microphone using the music production program Zotore XR for beatmaking, incorporating audio spectral repair techniques.

iZotope | Ozone 7, Iris 2 and RX 5 | Tutorials and New Features

An Evening with iZotope was a smashing success here at Pyramind in late January.  Here you can watch iZotope product specialist Brandon Carroll walk you through three of their new products.

Mastering with iZotope Ozone 7 | New Features

In this in depth video overview, iZotope product specialist Brandon Carroll walks us through Ozone 7, a widely used mastering tool that can be used as a DAW plugin or separately as a standalone application.  Ozone is an incredibly extensive tool that includes 11 different modules: Equalizer, Vintage EQ, Vintage Tape, Exciter, Vintage Compressor, Dynamics, Dynamic EQ, Imager, Post Equalizer, Vintage Limiter, and Maximizer
First, he explains the user interface overhaul and the new modules that were incorporated. You can also apply a single module from ozone onto individual tracks in your session. Brandon demonstrates this by applying the tape module to his drum bus. 

He then touches on their popular IRC limiting algorithms. Then he introduces IRCIV, the new frequency dependent setting they have added to Ozone 7.

Brandon then demonstrates the effect soloing capabilities, as well as the flexibility of the EQ module. He also showcases the mastering presets included, the codec previews, and gain neutral bypass function. 

When using Ozone as a standalone host, it allows you to insert other plugins into its mastering signal flow. Brandon inserts Insight, iZotope’s metering suite.

Ozone 7 also features a powerful Undo History window that makes it easy to A/B any changes you make. Every tweak or movement of a control is listed in the Undo History window. This is very useful after you’ve been tweaking settings over a long period of time and ear fatigue sets in.

iZotope Iris 2 | Sample Based Synth

iZotope product specialist Brandon Carroll walks us through the new features in Iris 2, iZotope’s sample based synthesizer, and showcases its powerful sound design functions. It can be used as a plugin within your DAW or separately as a standalone application.

Iris 2 comes with a 10GB library of samples for you to use, or you can load in your own samples. It includes a spectrogram display with the same selection tools that are featured in iZotope RX, so you can use spectral filtering to craft your sounds.

In Iris 2, a new modulation section was added, allowing you to modulate over 100 parameters with up to 5 envelopes and LFOs. 

In this overview, Brandon loads a sample and demonstrates the ease of applying spectral filtering, as well as various modulation to make unique patches.

iZotope RX | Audio Spectral Repair 

In this tip, iZotope product specialist Brandon Carroll walks us through RX, a powerful and essential tool for audio cleanup. He uses the spectral repair function to remove a loud whistle from the crowd in a live show recording. 

After walking us through the general layout of RX, Bryan demonstrated how to use the unique selection tools. Ultimately, he uses the magic wand selection tool to select the specific frequencies of the whistle. After making your selection, a second click with this tool will select similar shapes in the frequency spectrum – grabbing all of the upper harmonics of the whistle. Using replace mode, he is able to remove the whistle from the recording. 

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