Introduction to Scripting & Advanced MIDI Mapping with Ableton Live-min

Introduction to Scripting and Advanced MIDI Mapping in Ableton Live – with Jor van der Poel

Jor van der Poel is an Ableton power user that we’ve worked with for many years here at Pyramind. Most recently he developed a groundbreaking online course, Performing with Ableton Live for our online school. Shortly after launching we collaborated with Jor to run a highly successful webinar where he gave an overview of his course and shared some insider tips and tricks to using Ableton’s deep functionality.

In this post we’ll share a few tips from the event and some interesting features of Ableton that we think will greatly affect your workflow both on stage and in the studio, let’s get started.


User Scripts & MIDI Mapping

Ableton has unique programming abilities that separate it from most other DAWs. This includes the ability to edit scripts manually, automate using Max For Live or utilizing ClyphX.

He talked a lot about how user scripts are simply a way to tell something to Ableton without having to write any actual code. If you have a controller that isn’t fully supported by Ableton then this might be a good method to map your controller.

You want to go to library > preferences > ableton > latest version > user remote script. The files in that folder will explain to you how to map without having to use the MIDI learn function.

One tool that he said you might need is: MIDI monitor which will help you in your quest to create an amazing set.


Mapping Effects

One interesting tip that Jor pointed out was the ability to map effects to only enable while they’re being used. This allows you to save CPU power and keep your system running smoothly while utilizing lots of heavy plugins. He goes into this technique deeply in the free class preview for Performing with Ableton Live course as well.


Nesting Instrument Racks

Nested devices are where you have an effect rack inside an effect rack. He talked a bit about this and why he likes it because you can download effect racks from people online and utilize the effects throughout your chain. Check out minute 41:00 below to hear him talk about it.



After he got done blowing our minds he took questions from the crowd and discussed how he maps his looper, his arpeggiator, and a few more setup tips for getting started building a set. If you’re ready to take your live set to the next level then we highly recommend taking his course, building out your set, then booking time with him to walk through what you created.

Remember, 2 mentor sessions with Jor are included in the price of the program and please send an email to if you have any questions or need help signing up. Checkout the full webinar below.

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