Introducing the new Pyramind Online School

Accountability and community – Introducing the NEW Pyramind Online

If you’ve been following along at home you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been hard at work updating and streamlining our school for a new generation of students.  Much like the updates to the ground campus in San Francisco (which you can read more about HERE) we’ve gone ahead and completed a full restructure to Pyramind Online.  Our goal is to offer a more robust experience to not only learn how to create music but to connect with our community from all over the world.

For over 20 years Pyramind has been a leader in the music education industry.  We’ve helped countless amounts of people achieve their goals by learning how to create and finish their own original music as well as land their dream jobs.  Now more than ever it is important for schools to not only offer top of the line content but to have a fully immersive experience from day one until the final day of class and beyond.  Over the years and especially now during the pandemic we’ve seen a rise in the amount of Youtube personalities and even touring DJs/producers who are offering private lessons or subscription content.  While these are all helpful in their own way we’ve found that to truly learn this craft students need a system of accountability and the chance to share ideas with like-minded individuals.  The new Pyramind Online will check these boxes and more!

On November 30th, 2020 we will begin our first ever mentor-led cohort classes.  This means that you will start either our flagship Pyramind Music Producer program or our Essential Producer program with a group of other aspiring musicians at the same time.

Throughout this journey there will be touchpoints where you’ll participate in group listening sessions, presenting your own projects, and even a One-to-One session with your instructor to receive feedback on your final projects (which is original music).  This will all culminate in finishing an EP’s worth of tracks to share with the world or to get signed.

What makes this different from other online schools you ask?  We’ve designed the Pyramind Online experience to ensure that there is enough balance for you, the online student.  After years in this industry, we’ve found that our students are made up of those who want to study the content and practice on their own and those who want to participate in actual lessons/group classes.  While some schools demand weekly attendance for a class that may not fit your timezone, we’ve constructed Pyramind Online to allow for enough time to view your content, work on your project, participate with the group, and then start the cycle over again.  We call this the Pyramind Method.  A tried and tested way of allowing for growth while lending a guiding hand of accountability to push you toward your goals.

35 Hours of Content, 6 Hours of Group Sessions, Private Track Feedback

35 Hours of Content, 6 Hours of Group Sessions, Private Track Feedback

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As you may have seen we mention the term Pyrafam quite often.  This means that we treat every student that comes through our doors like family and not a number.  This goes for our online students as well.  Another feature of the online school will be a dedicated area to chat and mingle not only with your cohort of students and instructors, but every other student in Pyramind Online, AND all of our ground campus students as well through Discord.  We’ve harnessed the power of this industry-leading software to make sure that you have a place to ask questions of your instructors, hangout, or simply talk about music and gear.  Complete with full support during the week from our staff, you should always have someone available to help answer your questions.

While the world may feel chaotic there will be a day where things start feeling normal again.  There is no better time than the present to start preparing for that future.  By the time you are done with this program, you will have the skills to finish great-sounding music, work in the industry, and release original tracks on iTunes, Spotify, and labels all over the world.  

Produce an EP’s worth of music with Pyramind starting right now!  Why wait until everyone else decides to start learning?  Now is the time to get the jumpstart you need.  Whether you are based halfway across the globe and can’t make it to San Francisco or you want to try things out before committing to one of our full-time ground campus programs, then Pyramind Online is the option for you.  

Our upcoming term begins the week of November 30th and we are offering a 20% early enrollment discount on both programs. Enroll using the code EARLYBIRD20 prior to November 15th and you’ll save $700.00 on the Pyramind Music Producer program and come out the other side with an EP of finished music.

For more information about enrolling in the programs or to ask questions please contact our staff at If you’ve already made the decision to change your life and want to enroll in the program you may do so by clicking HERE.

We can’t wait to see you on November 30th!

35 Hours of Content, 6 Hours of Group Sessions, Private Track Feedback

35 Hours of Content, 6 Hours of Group Sessions, Private Track Feedback

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