Idle Gaming and Pyramind Studios Collaborate on Fresh Deck Poker

It has been a long time since the online poker world has seen such a creative, innovative approach to a gaming client, but Idle Gaming has done just that with Fresh Deck Poker. After great success collaborating on Idle Worship, Idle Games/Gaming once again turned to trusted partner Pyramind Studios to design the aural landscape for Fresh Deck. With a slick, electro funk theme song and clean, crisp user interface sound design, Pyramind Studios has once again delivered to Idle Games an audio experience that will keep players coming back for more. 

The Pyramind Studios team created several minutes of original music and sound design. Each level in the game is accompanied by a thematic re-interpretation of the game’s main theme and custom ambience. Pyramind Studios sound design sits right on top of these beds creating a well-balanced blend of music and sound.

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