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How to Make Money on YouTube with your Music | Jeff Price | Video Recap

Jeff Price launched TuneCore. Over the next six years he raised over $9MM in venture and strategic capital and built TuneCore into the world’s largest music distribution and publishing administration entity. Its customer base sold over 1 billion units of music in the past three years generating over $500,000,000 in Gross music sales. TuneCore now represents over 5% of all digital music sales revenue in the United States making it 55% the size of EMI and 35% the size of Universal Music. In this Planning for Success lecture, Jeff answers the question “How Do I Make Money on YouTube?” that many artists, labels and publishers are asking today.

Part One:

Jeff Price introduces himself and the structure of Copyright legislature that allows profit to be made from common YouTube user fan videos/channels and where that revenue comes from.

Part Two:

Price discusses how copyright owners such as artists and publishers can cash in on fans making videos of their content on YouTube through monitoring YouTube for instances and implementing ads.

Part Three:

Wrapping up the use of Youtube channels and fan videos, Price shows how to marry the consumers and copyright owners through allowing both to profit from ad revenue.

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