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How to Become an Artist Music Producer Case Study: Spencer Paquin

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Spencer Paquin enrolled in Pyramind’s Hybrid Complete Music Producer program like many others, to learn how to produce great quality music over and over. 

We tapped Spencer to take account of his experience so that he could share from his point of view, how the program transforms people into world class producers.

In the paragraphs below you’ll hear from Spencer as he moves through the program learning directly from touring artist Shdws.

That combined with group coaching calls, listening sessions, and private one-on-one sessions, you’ll hear how Spencer and his classmates transformed throughout the course.

Part 1

One month into Pyramind’s online production courses and I am already certain that I selected the right school. Pyramind’s process of including students, mentors, and experts into a comprehensive tool for learning is unmatched in the online music production scene. 

By pairing extensive video and information catalogs with one-on-one sessions with production mentors and experts, students are able to gather a wealth of knowledge, as well as ask the very specific and frustrating questions which can hamper many aspiring producers.

The diverse set of students are easily engaged while working at their various levels of experience and expertise in various musical disciplines. The course instructors are able to answer questions from all sides of the spectrum, eliminating frustrations and doubts for students caught in their unique processes.

The video series are very well done, it is clear that Matt and the rest of the instruction team have really honed in on making videos compact but informative. They are filled with useful information and easy to stay engaged with throughout the course.

I’m excited to continue to learn and grow with my class, as well as see them develop as artists around me. Pyramind has always been a reliable well of information during my journey in music and it is great to see them moving forward with new formats and new ways of reaching students, especially during these trying years. 

Part 2

Pyramind is seriously advancing the concept of learning music production online in new and exciting ways. Rather than being lost in a sea of tips, videos, disorganized thoughts and bad teachers, this course sets you up with structured learning and much needed personal guidance for the individual students’ needs.

Each student’s particular workflow is paid special attention and we are able to get specific answers to questions we have about the curriculum during the group sessions. The exposure to other types of students, workflows, music, and issues is unbelievably helpful for connecting the lesson content to your own projects. 

This format of compact but somewhat detailed group sessions along with the extensively detailed curriculum videos sets a great pace for learning and applying new techniques and information and does a fantastic job of exposing beginners to the music production world. I am excited to continue this class and beyond.


Part 3

As the end of our course approaches it becomes more and more clear just how much we have learned over these few short months. My fellow classmates have come from next to no experience, and are now producing fully flushed out and finished projects. It is exciting to see how the same information being given to different artists can have a drastically different effect on each artist/project/sound.

Pyramind has been an unbelievably helpful resource for all of us, providing not only personalized advice and 1 on 1 sessions, but also the assurance necessary to push forward into unknown territory, learn new things, and still have the confidence that we will be able to get guidance on anything we aren’t familiar with. The combination of self teaching and guided structure makes organizing the information easy and intuitive.

Without the course, learning production feels like a cobbled mess of poor teachers and people looking to make money on youtube tutorials. With the course we had a structured way to build on the knowledge we already had, and expand it to meet the standards of modern production. I hope this course is able to reach as many aspiring producers as possible, and that each of them is able to benefit to the degree which I have.

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