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Marieme – How to Manifest Success In The Music Industry

Marieme is a Senegalese-American artist whose music focuses on themes of Self Love, Revolution, and Empowerment.  Being uprooted by war at 6 months old shaped Marieme into a messenger of Love who has learned to manifest her way to success in the music industry through strong networking, perseverance and trusting in Flow. Her talents for singing and song writing have created numerous opportunities for her as a performing artist and landed her a coveted deal as a Universal Music Group publishing artist with her songs being placed in film and television. The podcast opens with her recent hit song “Built For Greatness” which was recently placed on the Michelle Obama and Oprah Netflix special as well as Apple TV campaigns.

The podcast highlights Marieme’s willingness and ability to call in serendipity to help guide her through career-defining moments including working with Lady Gaga stylist, Nicola Formmichetti and being invited to perform on the infamous art car, Robot Heart at Burning Man. She thanks Greg for the music production classes she has taken through Pyramind that have empowered her in the studio and in her songwriting collaborations. In 2020 she created a video that went viral in Brazil creating a large fan base for her there. The first single from her first full-length album comes out September 2023 with the single “Changing” which has already been licensed to “Grey’s Anatomy”.




Built For Greatness

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Episode #37 with Marieme

Mentor My Mix Podcast Interview Candid photo with Greg & Marieme

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