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How Does a Compressor Work? | Mixing Tip | Dan Blum

In this 2 part tip, Pyramind’s Audio Fundamentals instructor Dan Blum walks you through the theory and parameter settings of compression, then plays you some audio examples so you can hear the theory put into practice. There are two concepts he wants you to keep in the back of your mind as you watch – signal flow, and gain staging.

The compressor is a widely used but often misunderstood mix essential which Dan breaks down for you into easy to understand concepts.

Learn the basic purpose of compression (limiting dynamic range) as well as common parameter settings found on almost every compressor.

How a Compressor Works | Part 1 | Theory & Parameters

How a Compressor Works | Part 2 | Audio Examples

In the second half of this all-encompassing compression tip, our Audio Fundamentals Instructor Dan Blum puts the concepts into practice by applying different compression settings to a drum fill. 

By exaggerating the amount of compression he applies, he is able to showcase how each parameter setting changes the effect.

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