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An iterative learning system for music and audio producers.

Our proven track record draws on years of studio and business development experience used to create 
our specialized, accelerated, hands-on, and project-driven training programs.

“I started Pyramind’s training programs based on years of studio experience and the desire to create the kind of learning I always wished I could’ve had coming up as a young artist and producer”

Founder of Pyramind

San Francisco (In-person)


Fast-track your way as a
professional producer
I didn’t know how to play any instruments and I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to be. I wanted to be an artist but I was open to do it for film, for games etc. Pyramind helped me try myself in everything and the camaraderie with the students and the teachers made for a really positive experience.


  • Over 612k monthly listeners on the Spotify streams
  • Pyramind Alumni
Fast-track your way as a
professional producer
Some of the most important things I learned at Pyramind that I use the most are game audio implementation and game audio technology… I had started learning programing on my own to supplement the classes and that on top of the classes that taught me how to get started in Unity, how to put audio into a level and mix in game was really usefull. Just after graduating Pyramind got me an interview with Nick Gallant, Audio Direcor at Disney Interactive and that was first job out of school.

Brennan Anderson

  • Senior Sound Designer Riot Games
  • Pyramind Alumni
Fast-track your way as a
professional producer
The relationships I gained through this school were incredible and vita. I got my internship opportunity with DoubleFine through Pyramind and was mentored by the award-winning Game Audio Director, Emily Ridgway. I also got to work beside one of the best sound designers, Brian Min, all under the roof of video game icon, Tim Schafer... Now I’m the Audio Director!

Camden Stoddard

  • Audio Director at Doublefine Studios
  • Pyramind Alumni
Fast-track your way as a
professional producer
I came to Pyramind because I’ve been a musician my whole life and I was always very intrigued by interactive music for games and I wanted to learn from the very best so I came here.

Joshua Gouzy

  • Audio Designer
  • Turn 10 Studios a Microsoft AAA Developer
  • Pyramind Alumni
Fast-track your way as a
professional producer
We were a few months into our program and that gave us a lot of time to sit in the studio and experiment, creating a project together, and trying to make something we could market and make successful.


  • Artist/Producer Anjunadeep
  • Pyramind Alumni
Fast-track your way as a
professional producer
What I liked so much about Pyramind instructors is how they cater the knowledge to you. They teach you exactly what you need to succeed. They know what works and if it doesn’t work they won’t waste your time with it. When I started I was not a great producer and I have Pyramind to thank for being able to craft my sound. And since graduating they’re still supportive of me!

Derek Buckwalter

  • RZN8R (Producer, DJ & Vocalist)
  • Future Soul Producer
  • Pyramind Alumni
Fast-track your way as a
professional producer
Pyramind provided me a supportive environment to learn and participate with others that share my interest in game audio. Their excellent instructors helped inspire and focus my passion. Their frequent events related to music and games helped me to learn from and network with many important people in the game audio community.

Shawn Minoux

  • Principal Sound Designer at Blizzard Entertaiment
  • Pyramind Alumni
Fast-track your way as a
professional producer
The Pyramind ecosystem is great because I obviously want to learn & get better at what I do but my number one goal coming out here from a small town was to network.

Sheridan Carter

  • Artist/Producer
  • Pyramind Alumni


When you choose Pyramind, you benefit from over 20 years of experience offering the highest quality education in music
production, composition, sound engineering, sound design, audio post-production, live performance, and DJing.

Hundreds of success stories

Many of our graduates have been hired by the biggest video game developers in the world, opened their own studios, toured the world, started their own labels and publishing companies, signed with international labels, and released sample packs with companies like Splice and Loopcloud.

Learn from the best

Our staff has worked with a diverse range of world-renowned artists, including Ferry Corsten, DJ Tiesto, Nicodemus, LMFAO, Mix Master Mike, Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation), Armin Van Buuren, Beastie Boys and many others.

Brands that trust our work and training

Our production services team has produced soundtracks, sound design, and interactive audio for industry-leading companies such as Disney Interactive, Sony Interactive, Microsoft Studios, THC Vive, Blizzard Entertainment and many more!


We started Pyramind’s training programs after having been actively working in music and audio production for many years.

We created the kind of hands on learning environment and curriculum that we wished we could have had coming up. It’s why our 12-month program rivals 4-years at many Universities.

That coupled with an amazing community of producers, instructors, mentors, collaborators and phenomenal alumni success stories is what inspires us to keep doing this every day!




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