Gökhan Tandoğan | Sound Designer/Mix Engineer | Turkish Film “Cinayeti Aşk”

After graduating from The Complete Producer program at Pyramind in 2015, Gökhan Tandogan returned to his home in Istanbul, Turkey, where he was hired as sound designer and pre-mix engineer for the feature-length, love-themed horror film Cinayeti Aşk (roughly meaning “Verse of Goblin & Love”).

Gökhan’s work started after he received a 75-minute AAF project together with the edited movie and its original music tracks.

During the first 10 days of the project, Gökhan finalized the dialog edits in Pro Tools at his own studio. The project contained four alternative channels of dialog in most scenes. For Gökhan, choosing the right channels and the correct edits felt like both an art and a science.

Since the film required additional dialog, he later booked a dubbing studio and recorded ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement) with the film’s original cast. 

Gökhan spent another 10 days working on sound design and foley for the film, in which he used a variety of recording and synthesis techniques to create the film’s eerie atmosphere. 

Lastly, the final mixdown took another week of studio time and involved both a stereo and a 5.1 Dolby surround sound mix. 

The movie is scheduled for a theatrical release soon and Gökhan is excited to watch and hear his work in a cinema full of paying customers, where he says he’ll “probably be watching people’s reactions” more than the film itself. 

Despite encountering many hurdles throughout the project, Gökhan felt well prepared for the job and says he used “almost every function of Pro Tools that [Pyramind’s Sr. Pro Tools Instructor] Steve Heithecker taught at the school.” 

A word from Gökhan to anyone considering a career in audio:

“If you’re aiming to work in audio and the film industry in general, my suggestion is you should definitely check out the outstanding post-production courses available at Pyramind. I started with a music production program but found my passion in audio post production for motion picture and added all the Pro Tools and 5.1 mixing courses. I hope this helps in your decision-making process.

Greetings from Istanbul,

Gökhan Tandoğan is a freelance sound designer and composer in Istanbul. He is an alumni of Pyramind, a music and audio production school in San Francisco, CA. 

He has experience in music production, sound design and audio engineering for well-known video games, simulators, and motion picture. In addition to audio-based works, he also has 10 years of executive experience in advertising and film scopes.

Tandoğan offers the following services for video games, interactive media and motion picture:

  • Composing Linear & Non-Linear Music
  • Sound Design and Foley
  • 5.1 Surround Mixing
  • Audio Integration: FMOD Studio, UNITY 3D, ArmA Engine
  • Cutscene Scripting & Video Editing
  • Recording for ADR, Vocals, Instruments
  • Field Recording
  • Post-Production on Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Reason, Ableton Live.
  • Mixing & Mastering

Follow Gökhan on SoundCloud and his Webpage.

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