Game Audio Roundup | GDC Week

It’s GDC week here in San Francisco, so we thought we’d round up some of our best Game Audio videos for those of you who are curious about designing or programming sounds for games. 

Every year, the Game Developers Conference is held a mere block away from our training facilities, making it easy for students to attend. The event includes several award shows, game-related tutorials and lectures, as well as a huge Expo floor showcasing gaming technology.

Basic Programming – Part 1 | Unity & C♯

In this multipart series, Pyramind’s Senior Audio Producer (and former student) Brennan Anderson walks you through various game audio programming techniques using Unity and C♯

How to Make Monster Sounds from Pigs and Horses

Sound designer Taylor Elsasser goes over making monster sounds in Ableton Live. This tutorial is a must watch for those of you who are more interested in the creative sound design aspect of game audio.

Footstep & Gunshot Implementation | FMOD & Wwise

Pyramind game audio instructor and Supervising Sound Designer Eric Kuehnl shows you how to implement footstep and gunshot sounds using both FMOD and Wwise

Mike Morasky | 3D Sound and Virtual Reality

Mike Morasky, lead composer at Valve, came to Pyramind to share his thoughts on the rapidly growing world of Virtual Reality and 3D sound for games.

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