Free Online DJ Course – Learn Traktor, CDJs, Controllers, and DJ Basics

Learning to DJ is the first step on your journey in producing and performing electronic music. We developed this free online DJ class to help get you started the right way. You’ll be rocking the decks – whether at the club, your friends house, or by yourself – in no time.

This free online DJ class is a 3 part series with over 2 hours of video content! We’ll cover topics such as CDJ’s, beat-matching, mixers, Native Instrument’s Traktor, beat slicing, typical EDM song structures, MIDI controllers and effects, as well as the art and philosophy of DJing.

Parts 1 & 2 are below – of course you may have already watched them on Youtube which have already helped hundreds of thousands of new DJs learn the ropes.

We hope this helps you on your path and please share with any friends that are also learning to DJ!


DJ Video Lessons 1 and 2 : DJ Fundamentals and CDJ’s


DJ Video Lessons 3-10

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Lesson 3: Mixers

In this lesson, you’ll learn about the Xone 92 mixer including:

  • Gain controls (4:18)

  • EQ functions (6:45)

  • Crossfaders (12:47)

  • Cue buttons and faders (15:48)

  • Master, booth and cue controls (24:40)

  • Mixer routing and signal flow (31:31)

Lesson 4: Intro to Traktor

In this lesson, you’ll explore Traktor, it’s layout and functions including:

  • The Traktor Interface Overview ­ (3:10)

  • The browser Section ­ (6:29)

  • The Deck Controls ­ (12:00)

  • Hot Cues ­ (18:27)

  • Global Section ­ (22:26)

  • Mixer Section ­ (25:38)

Lesson 5: Using Hardware with Traktor

In this lesson, you’ll connect Traktor to hardware including:

  • Configuring CDJ’s With Traktor ­ (2:48)

  • Traktor Preferences ­ (6:37)

  • Controlling Traktor With CDJ 2000s ­ (8:47)

  • Creating a Basic 4 Deck Setup Using the Kontrol X1­ (19:00)

  • Using Kontrol F1 and S4 with Traktor ­ (26:18)

Lesson 6: Beat Slicing and Grid

In this lesson, we’ll begin to explore ways to work with tracks in the grid and beat slicing:

  • The Beat Grid ­ (0:43)

  • Aligning a Track to Traktor’s Beat Grid­ (2:54)

  • Track Syncing in Traktor ­ (7:16)

  • Quantize and Snap Controls ­ (13:47)

  • Preparation Workflow ­ (17:19)

Lesson 7: Song Structure and Phrasing

In this lesson, you’ll learn about song form and genre including:

  • 1:26 – Walk through of Bad Tango’s Alignment.

  • 16:32 – Mixing Using Phrasing

  • 22:25 – Genres and song structure

Lesson 8: Traktor and Effects

In this lesson, you’ll explore Traktor, it’s layout and functions including:

  • 0:57 – Overview of Traktor Effects

  • 1:35 – Effects Preferences

  • 6:46 – Effect Types

  • 12:24 – Pre vs Post Fader Effects

Lesson 9: MIDI Controllers

In this lesson, you’ll learn about integrating MIDI controllers to your set:

  • Controller Manager – 1:17

  • Slip/Flux Mode – 3:05

  • Flux Mode Custom Mapping – 5:49

  • Mapping Filter Controls to Knobs/Buttons – 13:00

  • Setting Up FX Presets – 15:09

  • Conclusion – 17:40

Lesson 10 (part I): From Spinning to Performing

In this lesson, you’ll learn about Will’s philosophy on DJing performances:

  • Creating a DJ Set – 5:35

  • Stage Presence – 21:47

  • The Art of the Opening DJ – 28:26

  • Promotion and Booking – 36:03

Part II

  • Choose a Narrative – 4:25

  • Online Promotion – 7:26

  • Websites – 11:43

  • Getting Paid – 13:52

  • How Much to Charge – 18:48

  • Watch Yourself – 29:28

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