FM Synthesis Tutorial Roundup

FM synthesis can be an intimidating type of synthesis–even for experienced sound designers. We’ve rounded up some of our best FM synthesis tutorials for those of you looking for techniques and suggestions as you tackle shaping your sounds with frequency modulation. 

6 Essential Tips for Using FM8

Pyramind mentor Jor van der Poel shares 6 tips that will make your life easier when using Native Instrument’s FM8. These tips and pointers will help improve your approach to learning this powerful synth, and help you create more complex sounds. 

FM8 Rations Explained | Jor van der Poel

In this video, Jor van der Poel breaks down “ratios” in FM8.

FM8 Morphing Matrix

Sound design expert Chris Gear gives us a quick breakdown of how the morphing matrix, and accompanying features, work inside of FM8. This tutorial is a great primer for taking your patches to a whole new level of flexibility.

FM Synthesis in Alchemy

Pyramind mentor Jor van der Poel talks about various ways you can use FM synthesis in Alchemy.

Combining Additive & FM Synthesis in Alchemy

Jor van der Poel shows us how to combine additive synthesis and FM synthesis within Alchemy. This is a must-watch tutorial for Alchemy users looking to improve their workflow and expand their sound design knowledge.

Custom Vibrato in FM8

Learn how to create your own custom vibrato in any sounds that you make in FM8, or similar FM synthesizer.

Polyrhythms with FM8

Jor van der Poel explains how to program polyrhythms inside of FM8 from Native Instruments. The flexible envelope engine allows for just about any kind of sound design and sequencing, which makes for an unstoppable combination. 

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