Music producer's film scoring tips for chess scenes

Film Scoring Tips | Chase Scenes

In this tip, Pyramind instructor Jerome Rossen gives us a few tips on writing music for chase scenes in films. He analyses the music in a chase scene from The Bourne Supremacy and breaks down the composition techniques utilized in the music. Jerome teaches Producing Music for Picture here at our ground campus.

1. The first tip Jerome gives us is to keep the rhythm moving at all costs. The track in this chase scene is built around a driving rhythmic foundation provided by the continuous drums.
2. The next piece of advice we get from Jerome is to bring interesting elements in and out of the track. Emotional or physical moments in a scene can be great places for adding brass or other interesting elements that aren’t continuously present in the arrangement.
3. The third composition tip Jerome has for you is to vary the intensity of your music based on what’s happening on the screen. Changing the intensity level at times when it’s relevant is a lot more impactful than changing it randomly.
4. To keep the track interesting – use repetition wisely. Try to limit the amount of copying and pasting you do in the arrangement phase of your workflow.
5. Use short phrases so the song can be flexible. This way, it can respond to the film more easily.

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