IMAGINE pressing play and hearing the music in your MIND coming from your speakers.

Develop your passion for music into a thriving and successful career.

Before you waste any more time

  • spending hours tweaking your mix only to abandon it and never publish the track
  • listening to an 8 bar loop on repeat until you hate it and move on
  • feeling like what takes you hours takes other people minutes
  • spending days it seems like sorting through splice samples looking for sounds

before you waste any more money

  • convincing yourself over and over that you need a new piece of equipment or plug-in to get that pro sound
  • purchasing expensive plugins to magically change your sound
  • paying other people to mix, master, or ghost produce your tracks

Imagine a world where you get up early every day, power on your computer, open your DAW, hit play on your latest track, and hear pristine, professional, expensive-sounding audio.

The songwriting tells a story, is filled with emotion, and paints a vivid picture in your head.

The composition is gorgeous, with advanced musicality, beautiful chord progressions, and a world-class hook.

Close your eyes and imagine this.. isn’t it fun?

Here’s the thing.. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, you just need a proven formula to get there.

The Pyramind Method

For over 20 years now Pyramind has been at the forefront of electronic music education. We’ve worked tirelessly to bring our world-famous ground campus lessons into the online domain.

Each course in the Pyramind Music Producer program is built on the Pyramind Method.  The Pyramind Method is cycle based learning that works like this:

  1. First we’ll teach you the necessary skills needed to create music, create sounds, mix, and master with hundreds of hours of course content
  2. Then you’ll get the necessary time to practice and work on your projects.  This craft, like many others is all about the time you put into it, so we give you space to apply what you learn.
  3. Finally you’ll meet with your instructor and classmates to share your music, present your projects, and receive feedback on your work.
  4. Repeat with the next lesson

This proven cycle leads to success and most importantly, finished music.  We’ve designed the online school to balance self-paced work with group accountability to achieve great results.

By the end of the program, you will have developed a repeatable process to create world-class tracks. 

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Ableton Certified Trainers
Avid Certified Training Center - Pyramind

Expert Level Training

Our in-depth, tutorials give you a proven formula to creating professionally produced music. Pyramind Online provides hundreds of hours of training materials and content to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are looking to finish your own music in Ableton Live or Logic Pro, start DJing at bars and clubs, or how to breakout in the ever-changing music industry, we have a program for you.




  • 18 Hours of Video Content
  • 14 Hours of Group Sessions
  • Private Track Feedback
  • 24/7 Access to Content via Desktop or Mobile

By the end of this program you will have the ability to produce a fully composed track within Ableton Live, have a full understanding of all of the tools within Live, understand how and when to utilize various musical concepts, and the skills to create a cohesive piece of music.

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1-on-1 coaching

18 hours of video

People love to say “you’re crazy to chase an audio career” because they gave up on their passions long ago. But if you’re brave enough to take the leap, find the right guidance, and invest the time required, anyone can achieve anything.

At Pyramind we focus on building community while learning. This allows the information to sink in on an emotional level while developing lifelong relationships.

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Ableton Certified Trainers
Avid Certified Training Center - Pyramind

YouTube takes too long

instructor-led curriculum

Get expert advice and guidance from Ableton and Avid certified instructors to save you hours trying to teach yourself. 

remote networking

A big part of attending a physical school is the networking and connections you make. With our model you’ll get the same connections and friends you would in a physical school, we make sure of it.

group accountability

Our students share your passion to make music.

Utilizing Discord, you’ll feel like all your classmates are hanging out and chatting casually throughout the day. Get questions answered as they arise, and get pushed to actually finish and publish your songs.