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Ableton DJ and VJ Performance Using Resolume with Encanti

You don’t become an associate professor at Berklee College of Music in Spain without some skills under your belt. So we were super excited and grateful to host Encanti (on sabbaticaland touring through the U.S.) for an eye-opening Elite Session.

During this exclusive talk, he breaks down his entire set and shows you how he and his video producing partner, Zebbler, put their live VJ/DJ sets together. You can watch the full video below but we pulled out some of the most interesting subjects here, if you’d prefer to read.

The Zebbler Encanti Experience

Their show is called the Zebbler Encanti Experience and it combines the music of Encanti with the visuals of Zebbler. In order to make this mind bending sonically and visually stimulating show, they use the video software, Resolume which syncs with the Ableton Live session to be performed live.


What is Resolume

Resolume is kind of like Ableton for video. You use it to program content for video screens and allows a DJ to add visuals that are performable and react to the music. When you go to a show that has a large screen with trance inducing patterns, there’s a good chance they’re using Resolume.


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Using a QuNeo to DJ with Video

Encanti uses the QuNeo, a controller made by Keith McMillan Instruments that gives you a ton of control and options when performing audio or visual content. It’s not your average Midi controller and has a programming mode that let’s you program each corner of the individual drum pads and sensors to send out different midi notes to corelate to different effects in Resolume.


Using the IAC Driver to Communicate with Resolume

The IAC driver is what allows Resolume and Ableton talk to each other. IAC stands for inter-application communication and it’s basically a virtual midi driver that sends midi information between multiple programs that you’re working with at the same time.

If you’re working on putting together an audio visual set then the IAC driver may be your new best friends.


Using the D/A Converter in Nexus for High Def Audio

Encanti refers to himself as a “quality nerd” so he’s constantly looking for ways to improve the resolution and definition of his sets. One of the methods he refers to here is using the Pioneer Nexus CDJ-2000 Nexus 2’s direct digital connection to run the ones and zeros straight out of Ableton and into the hardware.

Recording engineers and high-end audiophiles have enjoyed the benefits of 24bit/96kHz audio for many years, hence it’s only timely that professional DJ’s are now offered similar quality audio playback straight into the Funktion-One system!

Full Video Presentation

Hopefully you take some of this with you and get creative with your own sounds and visuals. If you’d like to learn more about this topic please let us know at news@pyramind.com.

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