POSTPONED! | Elite Session with Turntablist DJ Disk


Due to circumstances beyond our control, we need to postpone the Turntablist DISK Elite Session for sometime this summer.  Please stay tuned to our newsletter and social media feeds for the reschedule date.

 Elite Session with Turntablist DISK 
Elite Session with Turntablist DISK 

Witness the world renowned Turntablist DISK, former member of THE INVISIBL SKRATCH PIKLZ (with DJ Qbert, Mix Master Mike and Shortkut) host an Elite Session here at Pyramind on Thursday April 21st at 7pm.

DISK has a long history of musical collaboration with household name artists (Bill Laswell, Herbie Hancock, Zakir Hussain, Mike Patton, Norah Jones) that he will draw from for this presentation.  He will discuss his creation of the term turntablism, the evolution of scratching as an art form, his production techniques, plenty of scratch technique demos and he will deliver a live performance that you won’t want to miss.

Come see for yourself why Les Claypool from Primus calls him the “Jimi Hendrix of the turntable.”

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Turntablist DISK w/ Herbie Hancock live in Tokyo:

About Turntablist DISK:

In the early 90’s when DISK, paired with other embryonic turntable greats like DJ Qbert, Mix Master Mike and Flare, he formed one of the most important and influential Turntable “Groups” in the history of the genre: THE INVISIBL SKRATCH PIKLZ. Lead by DISK (and colored by his insistence for musical innovation) the PIKLZ wild and frenetic exploration of hardcore Hip Hop would eventually set the bar for all other aspiring Turntable musicians. This “band” of Turntablist’s crafted their own unique D.I.Y sensibility and aesthetic (creating their own raw radio and TV show) and eventually became synonymous with all cutting edge Hip Hop performance and production. It’s widely known in scratch circles that the Disco Mix Club (DMC), an international DJ association, asked the PIKLZ’s to stop entering in their DJ competitions, since they were discouraging other DJs from even bothering to enter. Disk would also create a master piece called ‘ DEMOLITION PUMKIN SQEEZE MUSIK for Qbert to make it one of the greatest mix tape of all time “

After leaving the PIKLZ in 98 Disk hungered for new associations that would further stretch his musical abilities. Disk first started his successful solo career by releasing two classic albums of “Turntablist” expression, releasing albums under the EL STEW (1999) and PHONOSYCOGRAPH (1998) monikers. Disk then extensively toured with famed Producer Bill Laswell, playing alongside some of the worlds most respected Indian musicians (Zakir Hussain, Ulstad Sultan Khan) in Laswell’s famed TABLA BEAT SCIENCE, exposing his Turntabist genere to cultures in India, Dubai, Lebannon, China Russia and many others. Disk also toured worldwide with famed Jazz great HERBIE HANCOCK, improvising wildly against the Jazz masters piano textures to create a new space yet unheard in contemporary Jazz.

DISK has been involved in over 100 released recorded works and has continued to tour extensively with a wide range of musicians, representing a myriad of genres (Primus, Serge – System Of A Down, Wayne Shorter, Nora Jones, Mike name just a few) and has released over 30 live DVD’s of his work, creating a fan base of devoted and dedicated followers. His rare Break Beat EP’s are still considered some of the great templates for young DJ’s to practice their craft on and are treasured by the underground Hip Hop community.

In 2006 ” long over due said GRANDMIXER DXT ” DISK was knighted as the 3rd GRANDMASTER in HIP HOP history next to QBERT and ROC RAIDER ” DISK has recently completed filming on “Sympathy For Delicious” a major motion picture with ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE MARK RUFFALO and is currently working on his latest recorded project (over 5 years in the making) entitled “PATU”.


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