Elite Session with Trifonic | Video Recap

Brian Trifon is the front man for Trifonic, a San Francisco based electronic act that seamlessly fuses experimental production wizardry with beautiful melodies and traditional song structures to craft music that is simultaneously unexpected and accessible. Brian began his music career as a guitarist and programmer for famed electronic artist BT. Brian toured nationally with BT and contributed additional music, programming and guitars to several films, TV shows, and to BT’s album This Binary Universe. Trifonic’s second full-length album Ninth Wave was released on November 13, 2012. In the video series below, Brian and Laurence explain the production and business process behind Trifonic.

Part One & Two:

  • Part One: An introduction to Trifonic and a look at their track “Parks on Fire”.
  • Part Two: Trifonic talks about the use of Groove Quantization and Flex Time in Logic for Parks On Fire.

Part Three & Four:

  • Part Three: A first look at the Trifonic sound design techniques.
  • Part Four: How to take your track forward after the initial ideas.

Part Five & Six:

  • Part Five: Parks on Fire initial mix and sidechaining.
  • Part Six: Sampling and sample kit development.

Part Seven & Eight:

  • Part Seven: How Trifonic are approached for licensing and how they balance the opportunities.
  • Part Eight: Vocal processing and recording are discussed with an example of one of the tracks from their album.

Part Nine & Ten:

  • Part Nine: Tips on Sound design and effects.
  • Part Ten: Trifonic digs into a remix for Hybrid.

Part Eleven & Twelve:

  • Part Eleven: More tips and tricks for sound design/effects.
  • Part Twelve: More tips and tricks for sound design/effects.

Part Thirteen & Fourteen:

  • Part Eleven: Brian discusses the business side of running Trifonic.
  • Part Twelve: Laurence discusses the business side of running Trifonic.

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