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Elite Session with SFLogicNinja | Video Recap

David Earl reveals the different musical worlds he inhabits using Logic Studio. In this part, David Earl’s musical background, various workflows and a new approach to remixing.

Part One, Two & Three:

  • Part One: Dave explains to us his work flow and how Logic best suits his needs.

  • Part Two: The use of Logic 9′s Flex Time is discussed in detail and how the Ninja uses it to construct/deconstruct a remix.

  • Part Three: Continuing with the Remix, Dave enlightens us on File management, Logic’s browser window and arrangement of the track.

Part Four, Five & Six:

  • Part Four: Sampling drums for the remix are discussed including recording, using the EXS 24 and sample banks.

  • Part Five: Tips on how to score to picture, OMF File management and SMPTE.

  • Part Six: Dave digs deeper into scoring to picture including Logic’s ability to detect cuts in Video files.

Part Seven & Eight:

  • Part Seven: Using Logic and Main Stage to perform LIVE. Dave describes his LIVE set up for MARROW and how he uses the programs in his performances.

  • Part Eight: How to set up custom MIDI for Main Stage and your personal performance.

Parts Nine, Ten & Eleven:

  • Part Nine: How to set up custom MIDI for Main Stage and your personal performance.

  • Part Ten: The vast world of the Environment window is explained in detail.

  • Part Eleven: Dave answers questions from his legion of YouTube subscribers as well as the audiences.

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