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Elite Session with sflogicninja | Native Instruments – Komplete | Video Recap

David is a composer, producer, author and educator. He has been working with Pyramind Training, teaching ground campus classes in Logic, Sound Design, Synthesis, and other music related subjects since 2000. From 2004 to 2007 he was Pyramind Studios’ lead composer and creative director and now brings his Logic expertise to Pyramind’s online training programs. David is perhaps best known for his online avatar, sflogicninja, with a following of over 28,000 subscribers and over 3 million views on YouTube. Since sflogicninja’s humble beginnings in 2006, he has become a globally recognized certified trainer and expert for all matters relating to Apple’s Logic Studio.

Part One & Two: Kontakt & Battery

  • Kontakt Signal Flow

  • Kontakt Effects: Filters, EQ, Effects

  • Kontakt: Group Effects vs. Instrument Effects vs. Output

  • Kontakt: Sound Design Tools – Zone Envelopes, Group Effects, Modulators

  • Applying modulation in Kontakt in interesting and creative ways

  • Time-stretching in Kontakt

  • The new layout of Battery 4

  • Cell-based sampling for sound design and triggering

  • Using sidechaining in compelling ways

  • Time-stretching and looping for sound design

  • Applying CC control to a zone envelope

Part Three & Four: Reaktor

  • Exploring Reaktor instruments: Library – Skrewell, Space Drone, Metaphysical Function

  • Exploring Reaktor instruments: Player – Razor, Skanner XT, The Mouth

  • Building Reaktor instruments: Create Simple Synth

  • Building Reaktor instruments: Create Operator/Partial

  • Building Reaktor instruments: Create Sampler with FM

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