Elite Session with Paul Chambers | Video Recap

Paul Chambers is a producer, remixer, live artist and DJ who releases music and remixes on Boys Noize Records, Phantasy Sound, Southern Fried Records, Gigolo Records, and soon on Turbo.

Part One, Two & Three:

  • Part One: Gain staging, playing by the rules vs using your ears, working under the gun.
  • Part Two: Mastering your tracks, Logic vs Ableton, keeping your saves organized.
  • Part Three: Staying creative, making concrete moves, simplifying your songs, using tactile controllers. performing live and engaging your audience.

Part Four, Five & Six:

  • Part Four: Using CV/Gate from your laptop to analog synths, using controllers and mixers live, performed vs mastered tracks.
  • Part Five: Playing a live set, not ‘just pressing play’, starting digital and moving to analog in production.
  • Part Six: Collaborations- the ones that work and the ones that don’t. Sharing files and file management.

Part Seven, Eight & Nine:

  • Part Seven: Advice on taking the right projects and creating a focused space when creating music.
  • Part Eight: Getting great sound out of the ABL2, ABL2 vs the 303. Mapping MIDI effects and playing them live. The pitfalls of hardware synths.
  • Part Nine: Creating interesting drum parts, getting off the grid. Adding movement to analog synth parts and creating a ghost kick to trigger a side-chain.

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