Mubali Pyramind Elite Session

Elite Session with Mubali | Video Recap

Mubali is the musical project of Greg Farley, originally based in Monterey, California.

He came from a classical music background, due to playing viola for 9 years in school, as well as a funk and soul upbringing. He has been involved in electronic music as a whole since 2000, after being converted to the dj culture by Burning Man and Dj Dice.

After a short stint of being a Drum and Bass dj, he was enticed into the land of psychedelic trance by Dj’s Michael Liu and Hidroponik (A.K.A. Arahat ).

Around spring 2001, Mubali was born as a dj. He specialized in the heavier end of psychedelic trance with a slightly techy influence. As a dj he was into the French, Russian and Danish sounds, as well as being an avid supporter of local San Francisco producers like Ocelot, Random, Ghreg on Earth, Chromatone, The Fractal Cowboys, and Penta.

Part One:

  • Intro, history as a DAW producer and introduction to Logic
  • Explanation of Psychedelic trance music
  • “All Go Rhythm” track demo
  • Fundamental concepts that make up Psych Trance
  • Creating kick drum, infected mushroom technique (Logic)
  • Working at a comfortable volume (Logic)
  • Constructing a bass track (Logic)

Part Two:

  • Using frequency analyzers, oscilloscopes and RMS meters for level monitoring (Logic)
  • Sampling techniques (Logic)
  • Creating the groove, manipulating note length & velocity (Logic)
  • “Ghost Notes” and adding Flava to the rhythm (Logic)

Part Three:

  • Developing kick sound (Ableton)
  • Developing bass (Ableton)
  • Synthesis, Oscillators, LFO’s (Ableton)
  • Frequency modulation (Ableton)
  • “Follow actions” and randomizing notes (Ableton)

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