Elite session with moti video recap for music production online free.

Elite Session Master Class with MOTi

Electro House DJ and music producer Timotheus “Timo” Romme aka MOTi was in town for a show he was headlining and led a music production tutorial session here at Pyramind.

MOTi presents on a wide range of topics including major points in his career, his production workflow in Logic Pro X, as well as his mastering process. He also gave us a breakdown of the Galantis – No Money (MOTi remix), as well as the Major Lazer – Lean On (Tiësto & MOTi remix).

MOTi frequently releases singles on Spinnin Records and Tiësto’s Musical Freedom label, and has played at multiple festivals such as EDC, Tomorrowland, and Ultra Music Festival. He has collaborated with artists such as Tiësto, Martin Garrix, Sander Van Doorn, and more. Watch the full video recap of the event right here on our blog.

Part 1

00:01:08 – Early Career
00:07:17 – Breakdown of Galantis – No Money (MOTi remix)
00:23:00 – Sound Design Philosophy

Part 2

00:00:14 – Sound Design Workflow
00:04:33 – Question: How do you EQ your subs?
00:05:31 – Sound Design | EQ Layers
00:08:31 – 7 Second Rule
00:09:41 – 15 Second Rule
00:10:18 – Sound Design | Lead Synth
00:15:56 – Producing for Live Performances
00:20:28 – Production Techniques | Vocal Pitching
00:22:19 – Question: How do you start your remixes?
00:23:44 – Workflow | Original Mixes
00:25:08 – Question: How do you arrange your songs?
00:27:12 – Question: Do you have any tips for layering synths?
00:29:18 – Question: What plugin did you use to pitch the vocals?

Part 3

00:00:14 – Question: How are you pitch bending your synths
00:04:24 – Workflow | Key Transposing

00:07:18 – Question: Do you mix as you produce?

00:08:53 – Mastering Process
00:15:16 – Question: Do you master your own music?
00:16:45 – Breakdown of Major Lazer – Lean On (Tiësto & MOTi remix)
00:21:11 – Question: How do you mix different song elements?
00:22:33 – Question: How do you make big room kicks?
00:24:14 – Question: How many sounds do you usually layer?
00:27:31 – Question: Can you break down the layers of the lead?

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