The cover of Morgan Page, a renowned music producer program.

Elite Session with Morgan Page | Video Recap

Progressive House DJ/Producer Morgan Page comes to Pyramind for a 2-hour seminar on music production, workflow and DJ performance. Using an original track produced in Ableton Live specifically for the presentation, Morgan shares his techniques and approach to the electronic music production process.

Part One, Two & Three:

  • Part One: Introduction, presentation overview, points on building templates and organizing samples and kits.
  • Part Two: Morgan’s approach to production, track order, leaving room for vocals. A first look at an example track- layout, colors, parts and arrangement.
  • Part Three: Part layering, chord progressions and looping, breakdown and buildup, organizing into stems. Vocal production and incorporating vocals into a track.

Part Four, Five & Six:

  • Part Four: Self-discipline, work ethic and time management. Producing for clubs, pitfalls and solutions to writing on the road.
  • Part Five: Producing with headphones, comparing mixes and auditioning in different environments. Examples of synthesis and side-chaining kick to bass.
  • Part Six: How Morgan uses his DJ mixer/controller, a look at a live performance set in Ableton, using Xone Mixed In Key to match track keys for building DJ sets, live mixing tricks.

Part Seven, Eight & Nine:

  • Part Seven: Evolving DJ sets and genres, live mixing discussion, DJ-friendly arranging, Q+A.
  • Part Eight: Remixing your own and other’s tracks, prepping a live DJ set, choosing and working with vocalists, Morgan’s podcast session.
  • Part Nine: Transitioning to working music full time, finding management, income streams, Q+A, wrap-up.

How to Produce Progressive House Music

Morgan Page:    I’m a music producer, DJ, remixer. My job is basically writing and producing music during the week, and on the weekends DJ-ing and playing the stuff out really loud.

    Well, a lot of the stuff I do is vocal based. Tonight, we’re actually going to focus on some instrumental stuff. I will talk about vocals. Some tracks, the vocals is a much more minor role in the whole production, but for me it’s the star of the show, and you’ve got to build everything to be appropriate to support that part.

    We’re going to talk about building templates. They’re going to speed up the work flow, make it easier to drafts songs, make it easier to finish projects, to get your ideas down quickly. It helps you just sort of get that big picture perspective. I’ll build the track up, and then I will sort of tear it down and begin adding more things in.

    [Going 00:00:59] to talk about production in general, [what 00:01:01] layering, things like that, and also the aspects of producing that are really focused on club music. What works in the club, in my experience.

    I want some of the DJs to have a little room, so they can do like this. Want to let them have some fun with your track. Look like they’re busy doing something up there.

    I really want to present something useful to you guys. I watch a lot of seminars and things. Some guys, the stuff’s interesting but not practical. I’m not here to waste your time, so I think tonight I want you to walk away with some really useful knowledge.

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