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Elite Session with Lucky Date | Video Recap

 Elite Session at Pyramind with Lucky Date

Even with an alias like Lucky Date, Jordan Atkins-Loria had to hustle hard to carve out his own space in the electronic dance music world.

His diligent devotion to the craft has recently begun to payoff in a big way though. With an inimitable progressive house sound, he’s become a sought-after artist and remixer, drawing the attention and endorsement of everyone from David Guetta and Tommy Lee to Porter Robinson and Excision.

Elite Session Part One

  • How he got started at Youth Radio

  • Intro to raves and Benny Benassi

  • Discusses the creation of his Youtube channel for Lucky Date Video tutorials

  • First real collaboration, his first manager

  • The business side of the dance music industry

  • Lucky Date explains the difference between manager and agent, talks about functional and dysfunctional manager relationships

  • Talks about the importance of selling yourself as an up and coming producer

  • How he came to the name “Lucky Date”

  • Talks about touring, advantages of bus tours over fly-ins and favorite towns across US

  • Explains his equipment setup

  • Talks about why Reason is his first choice in production DAW

  • Goes over his production process & workflow

  • Sets up a project from a template

  • Structures a track and building up to a drop (from the YouTube clip)

  • Discusses synthesis techniques

  • Talks about inspiration, and recycling old ideas

Elite Session Part Two

  • Challenges of creating enough finished content

  • Digs into his collaboration tracks with Dannic, inspiring career moments with producer Zedd

  • Importance of getting friends to listen to tracks for advice

  • Discusses good collaboration techniques when working with different producers and DAWs

  • Personal mixing / mastering workflow, learning to trust his own ears

  • Opens synth tutorial to show new sound he created

  • More on developing music “by ear” and replicating other music styles

  • Sweeping synths demo

  • “Dear Life” track demo on how he created the bass line

  • Shows “Mixed in Key” app as aid for his producing work

  • Builds synth line, shows transition from melody to build

  • Answers question re: offering main pieces of advice for producers

  • Offers advice for different ways to gain publicity

  • Answers questions about how he EQ’s his kicks, shows quick demo and talk s about how he gained exposure in the industry

  • Opens “Just Move” project for demo, troubleshoots through labyrinthine track setups

  • Shares computer specs

  • Answers audience questions such as how do you layer your tracks, can you talk about your collaboration with Moby, and how do you overcome and deal with any doubts about yourself as an artist.

  • Demos track he created during recently brief “weird” period

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