Elite Session with K.Flay | Video Recap

Join Rapper/Producer/Performer K.Flay as she showcases her unique and creative approach to the contemporary musical climate. She explains how to not only make sure that your musical voice is personalized, but how to create interesting content for social media in an ever growing do-it-yourself industry.

Part One, Two & Three:

  • Part One: Life story up to meeting college booking agent, making your way up the ranks, getting shows, early musical inspirations.
  • Part Two: Working creatively with a label. Workflow using Pro Tools and Logic. Building your own samples, the ES2 and EXS24.
  • Part Three: Plugins, inspiring creativity, the creative process, sampling techniques and the evolution of a track involving sampling.

Part Four, Five & Six:

  • Part Four: More sampling, the legalities of sampling, working in the studio, being nice, K.Flay’s Ableton Live set and organization methods.
  • Part Five: Mapping to a MIDI controller, various controller options, tempo tricks in Ableton Live, Dj culture, iTunes and mixing.
  • Part Six: BEING WEIRD. Three main things every artist needs to be successful. Web presence, DIY attitude, video skills, inappropriate street names.

Part Seven & Eight:

  • Part Seven: Keeping things simple, examples of her video work, creating content for social media.
  • Part Eight: Q&A part one: Vocal processing techniques and getting great takes with limited time.
  • Part Nine: Q&A part two: Inspiration, Harry Potter, dance music taking over and DEATH.

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