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Elite Session with Joachim Garraud | Video Recap | Ableton Live Production and Mixing

Pyramind welcomed Joachim Garraud for our last Elite Session of 2015, what a way to finish the year!

This lifelong producer and DJ opened up about his career development, talked about what it’s like working with world class artists such as Beyonce and Hans Zimmer, showed a bunch of his go to production tricks and plug-ins for Ableton Live, showcased his Producer Box project and played a ton of great music for the attendees. Some of which (like the Garraud/Jean Michel Jarre collaboration with the Pet Shop Boys) is not out yet and had to be redacted from this video.

All in all we were delighted to be given a glimpse into what the music scene is like from his unique point of view who has worked with such legendary artists as Bob Sinclar, David Guetta, Chris Willis, Hatiras, Massive Attack and so many more.

Joachim Garraud Elite Session | Video Recap Part I:

00:15:44 – How income streams have shifted to live performance rather than selling of music
00:16:40 – Music schools can help prepare you to succeed in the business
00:19:32 – Nowadays, all a producer needs is a laptop
00:26:21 – Shows us his “speakers”
00:27:29 – What hardware do you like?
00:28:35 – Goes into his Drunk in Love remix
00:36:54 – The benefits of doing a remix to get exposure
00:39:39 – Work on your sound design so you can sound more unique
00:41:14 – Goes into his song “Let’s Go” (in English)
00:45:35 – Make music for yourself first
00:48:17 – Talks about “DJ Play That Beat”
00:53:45 – Why do you group your tracks the way you group them?

00:00:48 – Plans for the presentation
00:01:40 – Plays short movie
00:03:26 – Describes his three different jobs
00:03:47 – Talks about his classical music education
00:05:27 – Starts slideshow
00:05:42 – Talks about how DJing has evolved as a job
00:07:48 – People want to DJ because they want to be famous, but that’s not the best reason to go for it
00:08:30 – Talks about producing his own festival
00:09:20 – Plays short movie from 2005 “Private Party” to show how the music business has changed in 10 years
00:14:05 – It’s harder to do the same thing today because of booking, agents, managers etc.
00:14:54 – The evolution is good in terms of business


Joachim Garraud Elite Session | Video Recap Part II:


00:39:04 – What vocoder did you use on the Moby track?
00:42:58 – Are you using Steven Slate products at all? (Talks about his studio in LA when he needs hardware)
00:43:37 – It’s not necessary to use huge hardware anymore
00:44:35 – Which UAD interface are you using?
00:45:36 – How do you go from 96/24 to an mp3 ready for beatport?
00:48:03 – Goes into his album mastering comparison technique
00:50:58 – Do you do your own mastering?
00:52:00 – Did you use outboard gear for mastering?
00:53:16 – How are your ears after all these years?

00:00:26 Talks about track “Don’t Cry”
00:12:00 – Are all these tracks unreleased?
00:13:40 – Goes into “Feel the Vibe”
00:23:04 – Producer Box movie
00:26:11 – Talks about release of the Producer Box
00:30:00 – Comparing differences in square waves between 96k and 44.1k (Small details make a huge difference!)
00:31:15 – Talks about licensing with Ableton (and others) for his producer box
00:37:00 – Talks about publisher not being happy about releasing the sessions
00:38:23 – Personalization is possible for the producer boxes

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