Elite Session with JayTech (AnjunaBeats) – Video Recap

Australian DJ/Producer Jaytech of UK labels Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep returns to Pyramind for a seminar on workflow, arranging and production tips & tricks.

Part One:

Introduction, presentation topics- expanding on your production process, auditing your work and putting extra effort into finishing.

Part Two:

Establishing track themes, clarifying purpose for track parts, experimenting with order of parts, forming a plan of attack.

Part Three:

Examples of ‘good complexity’ vs. ‘bad complexity’, the importance of simplification to create sound space. Expanding a simple track idea in Ableton starting with rhythmic patterns.

Part Four:

A different approach to arranging, using a placeholder structure, adding breakdowns and avoiding lengthy sections. Incorporating real world samples to enhance track atmosphere.

Part Five:

Adding incidental effects, fills and melodies to break repetition and create a sense of movement.

Part Six:

Creating an arpeggiated ostinato pattern using Omnisphere and adding realtime parameter automation for heightened movement.

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Part Seven:

Adding a ‘movement pad’ and automating filter cutoff to create a buildup. Fusing melodic elements into a track ‘stem’ and adding a complementary bass line.

Part Eight:

Turning tracks down to create room for leading elements, panning considerations, compression settings and applications.

Part Nine:

Bass treatment, building custom drum sound collections, adjusting and automating synth settings, EQ and bass cuts.

Part Ten:

Using a spectrum analyzer as an aid for EQ, cutting unpleasant resonances and trusting your ears. Bussing to FX chains, parallel compression, keeping certain stems from dominating the mix.

Part Eleven:

Maintaining perspective, referencing feedback from other people, various ways to get your music out into the world, file and project management, finding your own sound and inspiration.

Part Twelve:

Q+A: sidechain compression and autopan, collaborating with other producers, production and mix techniques for vocals.

Part Thirteen:

Q+A: What Jaytech listens for with a new track in a performance space, mixing delay effects, processing kicks and bass, wrap-up.

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