Elite Session with Jay Tripwire | Video Recap

The Canadian-born house DJ and record producer Jay Tripwire comes to Pyramind for a lecture on music production, DJing and his take on music business. Watch as he designs a new track from start to finish, incorporating sounds from the audience. He also talks to the computer, a lot.

Part One & Two:

  • Part One: Introduction, ultrabeat drums, EXS24 and ES2 synth stabs through an autofilter.
  • Part Two: Reverb, mixing techniques and experimentation. Pads are added to the track.

Part Three, Four & Five:

  • Part Three: Mastering from home, bass, adding hats and claps to the track.
  • Part Four: Reverb, reference monitors, workflow, and the MicroTonicAU drum machine.
  • Part Five: Live instrumentation, recording Dania’s vocal as well as audience applause.

Part Six, Seven & Eight:

  • Part Six: Editing and mixing Dania’s vocal, ringshifter on the drums.
  • Part Seven: FX using the audience’s own applause and more vocal mix techniques.
  • Part Eight: Making it in the music industry and promoting.

Part Nine, Ten & Eleven:

  • Part Nine: Approaching labels, more promotion, and working from home.
  • Part Ten: Arranging the track to be mixed by a DJ, and early automation.
  • Part Eleven: Drum automation, filter automation, fx automation.

Part Twelve & Thirteen:

  • Part Twelve: Building a breakdown and adjusting mix levels.
  • Part Thirteen: Final Q&A and track listen.

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