Elite Session with HedFlux | Video Recap

Join Scottish Producer/DJ and Physicist, Hedflux, as he guides you through one of his ‘Psychedelic Tech-Funk’ tracks. Not only will you learn to synthesize, program and create grooves, but Hedflux will walk you through his approach to creativity and music as well as how his scientific background continues to inspire him.

Part One, Two & Three:

  • Part One: Hedflux discusses his musical roots, PHD in physics and music’s effect on our lives.
  • Part Two: Defining Psychedelic Tech-funk. Frequencies in nature and science. First listen of his track.
  • Part Three: Drum programming, layering, blending, processing and EQ.

Part Four, Five & Six:

  • Part Four: Panning, glitches, percussion, auto-filter and teeny tiny blips.
  • Part Five: Hedflux’s own ‘Beat Repeat Street’ rack effect. Creating interest and movement with effects.
  • Part Six: Hedflux’s other customized rack effects. Bass programming, synthesis and processing.

Part Seven & Eight:

  • Part Seven: Operator and FM synthesis. Synth stabs and incidental effects.
  • Part Eight: Envelopes as brush strokes, creative looping, creating an interesting breakdown and the Fibonacci sequence used in music.

Part Nine:

  • Finishing the track off with pads, a Q&A and Hedflux’s tips for creativity in music and life.

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