Elite Session with Vekked

Elite Session with Vekked | Video Recap

Scratching has evolved over the years into its own art form. Pyramind was honored to host a true master of the craft for this very special Elite Session with Vekked. Watch the video recap of our event with internationally acclaimed 5-time DMC World Champion DJ and producer.

Vekked gives us personal insight into his scratch techniques and notation, his grueling practice regimen, hardware hacks, and more. He also performs several winning routines – including his 2015 DMC World Championship set.

The action packed free event was open to the public – and Vekked took a bunch of questions from the audience.

You can book a one-on-one DJ mentorship session with Vekked through the Pyramind Mentorship Network.

Part 1

00:01:12 – 2015 DMC World Championship Routine

00:08:30 – History | How Vekked Became a DJ

00:16:58 – First DMC Regional Competition

00:21:29 – Online Poker Career

00:22:57 – DMC 2011 Canada

00:24:38 – 2011 DMC Canada Routine (Local Regional)

00:32:31 – 2012 DMC World Supremacy


Part 2

00:36:27 – Question: How did you get your music on vinyl?

00:06:28 – 2012 Routines

00:07:24 – Beat Juggling

00:09:31 – 2012 DMC Online World Finals

00:14:15 – Question: What are the stickers on your records?

00:22:30 – Typical Practice Regimen

00:28:45 – Question: Do you ever try routines on different setups?

00:32:52 – Evolution of Digital DJing

00:40:20 – Is copyright an issue when DJing?

Part 3


00:02:04 – Question: How do you get original vocals to scratch?

00:06:10 – Greatest Ever Routine (DMC Online 2015)

00:08:01 – Question: Can you talk about scratching combos?

00:14:55 – Scratch Notation

00:25:48 – Scratch Scales

00:34:20 – Question: Which scratch did you learn first?

00:40:11 – Salsa Routine

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