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Elite Session with DJ Vekked | 5 Time DMC World Champion | June 14th

Join us for an intensive scratch workshop with a true champion. This free event will feature performances and tutorials by the one and only Vekked. He will talk about production techniques that he uses when making his own tracks for use in his award winning routines as well as his career path. This event is proudly sponsored by Pyramind and Rane.

Vekked is an internationally acclaimed 5-time World Champion DJ and producer. His style fuses new school technology with true school DJ skills. He consistently adds to his creative repertoire and pushes the boundaries of technicality and musicality with his sets and productions.

In 2015 he was unanimously appointed the 2015 DMC Online World Champion, setting the standard high as the first ever Canadian DJ to earn this title. He then proceeded to win the DMC World Final and become the first DJ ever to win both major titles in the same year.  Vekked’s winning routine featured some of his own production and has amassed over 2 million views on YouTube and Facebook in just 6 months, making it the most viewed DJ performance of the year and one of the most viewed of all time. It earned him a spot on the front page of Reddit, coverage from numerous mainstream news outlets, and critical acclaim from various celebrities and superstar DJs. Vekked is currently performing on main-stages globally while pursuing a career in music production.

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