Elite Session In The Club With Binkbeats / Monarch SF/ Thursday November 8th, 2018


Pyramind has teamed up with Holographic Supernova and Smoked Out Soul to bring you a one of kind show at Monarch SF on Thursday November 8. It starts at 7pm with a Pyramind Elite Session performance breakdown with Binkbeats followed by a live performance from 9pm-2am from Zebuel of Smoked Out Soul, Binkbeats, The Olox, and DJ Dragonfly.

The two-hour behind-the-scenes Elite Session will take place in the same club where Binkbeats will be performing later that evening. Binkbeats will be interviewed live by Pyramind founder Greg Gordon and will present his creative workflow and production techniques for live performance looping in Ableton Live as seen in his Boiler Room videos. Followed by audience Q&A.

This is a unique opportunity for fans and aspiring producers to learn from a touring artist and gain valuable insights into their career and the production process for club-ready performance.

The Elite Session with Binkbeats starts at 7pm and tickets are only $10.

$25 Combined price for Elite Session & Club Night.

Club night ticketing is $20 at the door and will not include the Elite Session.


Line Up:

Elite Session
7PM – 9PM Performance De-construction with Binkbeats

Club Night
9 – 10:30 Smoked Out Soul
10:30 – 11:30 Binkbeats
11:45 – 12:30 The Olox
12:30 – 2AM DJ Dragonfly

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This event is co-produced by Pyramind, Holographic Supernova, and Smoked Out Soul.

  Elite Session In The Club Live Set Deconstruction With Binkbeats Thursday November 8th, MONARCH SF 7-9 PM
Elite Session In The Club Live Set Deconstruction With Binkbeats Thursday November 8th, MONARCH SF 7-9 PM

Frank Wienk spent a good chunk of his lifetime studying the relationship between object and sound. Predominantly, his well-honed and peerless prowess of virtually any type of drum or percussion instrument served the artistic vision of others. As Binkbeats, Wienk snowballs his wide-eyed relationship to sound into a fully-formed, highly personal brainchild. 

Binkbeats previously made his mark with the Beats Unraveled series, which found him translating such paragons as Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin and J. Dilla to acoustic, tangible realms. And impressively enough, Beats Unraveled achieved this feat without sacrificing the amorphous nature of the respective original works. Utilizing a vast collection of instruments – ranging from vibraphone, guzheng (Chinese harp) and yes, even typewriters – Wienk rapidly gained an impromptu following. To him however, Beats Unraveled marked an exploratory phase of how to recreate certain sounds with his own instruments and gear.

Now composing his original material, Wienk began stretching his sonic purview beyond just his vast array of percussion, and completely disregarding any parameters. As a matter of fact, the first creative spark arose by bringing harmonics and voice into the mix. As a result, Binkbeats has become Wienk’s beautiful limbo where his influences bleed into each other freely, intuitively and fearlessly. 

Cavernous, four-to-the-floor club sprawlers, widescreen pop euphoria and brooding drone workouts all orbit Binkbeats’ all-embracing vision. The common thread of it all: to spawn something surreal out of the earthly. On stage, Wienk naturally surrounds himself with a dazzling amount of toys, instruments and gear: a physical performance that ranges from daredevil to introspective, exploring a nexus of possibilities.

Binkbeats, with its confluence of aural whims, is – remarkably so – the work of one individual.
The Olox
DJ Dragonfly

With two decades of experience and almost 800 appearances to his name, his 
one-of-a-kind mixes blend cutting-edge 
productions, nasty and listless funky bass, deep rhythms and an undercurrent 
of live percussion. Selecting music inspired by the vibrant voices and vibes of 
The Americas, The Caribbean, The Middle East, Africa, India, and Europe, Dragonfly’s 
delivery celebrates dancers – and dancefloors – worldwide.

Past festival appearances include. Lightning In A Bottle, Symbiosis Gathering, Global Eclipse, Enchanted Forest Festival, Lucidity Festival,Wanderlust Festival, Beloved Festival, Northern Nights, Stilldream Festival, Eclipse Festival (Australia), Great Convergence (Egypt), Envision Festival (Costa Rica), Shambala Festival (Canada), Manifest, Peace Village, Burning Man, Raindance, Earthdance, Harmony Festival, Awaken,OMIES Fest, How Weird Street Faire, Mystic Garden Gathering, Mystic Island Festival, Foreverland, and many more.



“Old School Taste New School Bass! “

More about SOS:
DJ / instrumentalists Zebuel and Will Magid are joined by drummers Paul Oliphant, Branodon Lee and Enrique Padilla to bring you a sound that is both classic and futuristic: “Old School Taste, New School Bass”. S.O.S. blurs the line between a live show and a DJ night, bringing in the bay’s finest musicians and DJ’s playing on one of the top rated sound systems in the country. Come enjoy delicious cocktails with beautiful people as classic soul music is reinterpreted in the moment. 

Smoked Out Soul aims at bringing together DJ’s and put a fresh spin on classic tunes. Rooted in soul with a nod to the future. Founded in 2013, Smoked Out Soul started out as a mixtape and quickly morphed into a full fledged funk party, a festival act and now record label. Smoked Out Soul is a collective of Djs Producers and musicians who love soul music and who love elevating the vibe thru music. Catch the party at at Monarch SF or at a club or festival near you!



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