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Elite Session with Bass Kleph – Video Recap – Ableton + Maschine

Using NI Maschine and Ableton, Australian DJ/Producer Bass Kleph shows you under the hood of his DJ/Live Performance setup and breaks down his production workflow into powerful, accessible tips and demonstrations.

Part One:

Overview of his Bass Kleph’s approach/setup, live layering demonstration, wash out macro effect, Massive sound macro.

Part Two:

Layout & organization of sounds in Maschine, layering effected samples to build usable kits.

Part Three:

Finger drumming techniques and sound/pad layout strategy.

Part Four:

Transitioning from Maschine to CDJ, approaches to mixing, browsing samples in Maschine, managing samples and media.

Part Five:

A look at the Reecey Boi remix session layout, tips on distortion and compression.

Part Six:

Sourcing kick sounds, group processing to transform samples, automation using Maschine, evolving an idea from the Maschine iOS app into a completed track.

Part Seven:

Ableton session layout and organization, setting up pre-loaded sidechain sends, sampling and re-pitching, arranging your tracks for DJ sets.

Part Eight:

Streamlining an FX rack for vocal processing, dissecting a synth lead.

Part Nine:

Setting production limitations to free yourself up, keeping perspective on a mix, knowing when a song is done, Q&A.

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