7 skies - a man sitting on a chair in a dark room, engrossed in his music production program.

Elite Session with 7 Skies (AnjunaBeats) – 4 HR Video Recap

Trance DJ/Producer David Boldini aka 7 Skies of Anjunabeats dissects the various production techniques employed in his hit track ‘Vision’. David uses Logic to explain his deep methods of music production, synthesis, sound design, arrangement, mixing and mastering.

Part One:

Introduction, 7-Skies’ track ‘Vision’, how to prepare your track for DJ’s to mix easily.

Part Two:

Workflow of writing a track, envelopes vs sidechaining, the creative spark, dealing with YouTube haters.

Part Three:

Creating your own sounds vs using presets/soundsets, creating a wobble bass, using analog synths vs softsynths, adding automation for more movement.

Part Four:

Layering synths, why humans love bass, using analog and softsynths in tandem.

Part Five:

Finishing up layering synths for phat chords, using a ghost synth to trigger a reverb sidechain, favorite reverb plugin and creating evolving, stimulating percussion.

Part Six:

Continuation of percussion and drum discussion, LFO vs sidechain compression, using automation for builds.

Part Seven:

Using the ringshifter with automation techniques, using the ESX24 to add low end sub power to your kicks.

Part Eight:

David explains what makes 7-Skies music, 7-Skies music. Creative inspirations, using the sounds of your environment and custom built instruments.

Part Nine:

A start to finish process in creating the bass for ‘Vision: Layering oscillators, multiband distortion, portamento, layering synths and creating a more organic sound.

Part Ten:

The arduous task of creating your own instrument from sampled analog synths.

Part Eleven:

Preparing your track for mastering, mix techniques, sidechaining for mixing, whether or not to buy a keyboard!

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