Elite Session: Game Audio | Video Recap

Game Audio professionals Steve Horowitz and Scott Looney chart a path thru the evolving playing field of sound for games. The session is comprised of a 2 hour presentation and a 45 minute panel discussion highlighting both the business and technical challenges in the new game audio marketplace.

Part One:

An overview of game audio workflows and integration, defining interactive and generative audio, preparing music and audio for games.

Part Two:

Non-linear audio paradigm inside FMOD Designer, the FMOD interface, connecting parameter values to game states, value randomization, intensity levels, asset management and naming conventions.

Part Three:

A look inside Unity 3D, its interface and the file structure it utilizes. How textures, materials, sounds, prefabs and scenes operate within a game engine. The importance of understanding scripting and programming as a composer.

Part Four:

Changes in the gaming world and the Gamification of culture. Panel discussion with additional speakers Richard Warp (LeapFrog) and Jim Hedges (Zynga).

Part Five:

Continuation of the Panel discussion on the complexities of working as a sound designer, composer and/or audio director. Insight in Web Audio API and the future of game audio on the web, Q&A with the panelists.

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