An evening with K Theory, a renowned music producer specializing in electronic beats and innovative soundscapes.

Elite Session Artists Workshop with K Theory

Watch the video recap of our Elite Session with K Theory, featuring Dylan Lewman and Pyramind alumni Dustin Musser (aka Frost-RAVEN). They cover a wide range of topics – from how K Theory began, career development tips, self promotion, and their production workflow in Propellerhead Reason.

About K Theory:

In 2015 they created New Trinity Music Group to release their newest music to the world.  The trio released a good chunk of original music with Simplify recordings along with their own K Theory Music imprint. They’ve brought their signature sound to remixes on labels such as MalLabel, Geomagnetic, EDM Records, Freshly Squeezed Music, Straight Up!, Bombeatz, Garuda and many more.

Arguably their biggest pair of remixes were on OWSLA for Kill Paris, although having two remixes on Ultra Records in 2012 certainly didn’t hurt their profile either. You can listen to and buy their music from Beatport.

The trio has also made quite a name for themselves doing bootleg and unofficial remixes, many of which they give away to their 63,000 followers on SoundCloud.


00:00:39 – DAW of Choice (Reason)

00:01:10 – The Beginning of K Theory

00:02:41 – Where to Begin as a Producer

00:07:40 – Working with Templates

00:28:11 – Good Gear



00:00:24 – Make Your Own Sample Packs

00:03:57 – The Importance of Mood Management

00:06:19 – Finding Your Sound

00:09:37 – Quality Control

00:13:03 – Developing Your Career

00:15:36 – Self Promotion



00:00:32 – Releasing Your Music

00:02:14 – Dealing With Labels

00:16:37 – Death of Blogs

00:20:30 – Adapting to Trends

00:21:50 – Creating a Record Label

00:24:13 – Treat This Like A Job

00:27:19 – Management + Agency

00:30:20 – Touring

00:32:42 – Making Money On Your Music


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