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Today’s tools allow for amazing music production but if it were just about the tools, everyone’s music would be amazing. With the Electronic Music Producer program, you’ll evolve your sound to the highest levels – your composition, rhythm, sound design, arranging and of course, mixing will get you noticed by fans and labels alike.

A Community Of Artists

Trying to become a professional producer on your own is hard. The process is full of difficulties and moments of doubt; its easy to get lost or quit too soon. When you join a community of professionally-driven creatives who share these challenges, your artistic growth will accelerate faster than trying to learn on your own. Plus you’ll make connections and relationships that will last a lifetime!

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Pyramind’s Ableton Live Program provides the necessary background for students with little to no experience in computer-based production and recording to enter the later music production focused courses well prepared. In addition to gaining familiarity with Live’s primary applications, the lessons are arranged to emphasize the adoption of a solid workflow. This course is designed for complete beginners all the way to intermediate users of the software.

During this three month program we also focus on the details of the devices contained within Ableton Live Suite. Students will receive comprehensive training on Live’s various modes, components, parameters, and capabilities, as well as, how this can be used in conjunction with other professional audio applications and other third party tools.

This is Apple’s certified training course for Logic Studio: an integrated digital audio and MIDI sequencing production system. Students will be introduced to all of the primary windows and features in Logic, to the point where they can confidently manage and complete a song using Logic, from inspiration to a finished product ready to be mixed and mastered..


This Apple Logic class covers higher-end functions relating to composition, sound design, and post-production. All of the builtin synthesizers are explained and explored, cross-referencing the synthesis training happening in other courses.

The Pyramind Music Theory course combines both a theoretical and practical introduction to the theory and application of music. Infused with both piano skills and ear training, this fundamental class sets the foundation for understanding all music and is a must for any serious producer.

We start from the absolute beginning and provide a ground-up introduction to Piano and Keyboard performance and music theory. The keyboard has become the swiss army knife of instruments in our DAW. and Soft-Synth heavy production landscape, and facility on the instrument will dramatically improve the speed at which you can produce tracks.

The Sound Engineering program offered at Pyramind allows students to explore the concept of what sound really is, both scientifically and musically. We will study the flow of sound in the live room and into the studio, from moving waves to electrons and then to bits and bytes. Audio engineering is dissected as both an art and a science: in depth and hands on analysis of signal flow from the live room and into the studio, microphone selection to placement and technique, headphone cue mixing, analog to digital conversion, compression, gating and recording live instruments are all part of these classes.


These recordings are then used to hone their post-production techniques to tighten and clean up the recordings with editing, tuning and processing with the latest tools and plug-ins to create finished pro sounding mixes. 

Pyramind’s comprehensive Music Business program is an industry leading, robust program that covers everything from the basics all the way to learning how to make a living in the music business.  We start by providing a broad look at the ever-changing music business. This class explores the differences between the Major Label and Independent Label, the use of social media, grassroots marketing, physical manufacturing and basics of distribution, planning for a release, nontraditional retail, and creating multiple revenue streams from your music.


Designed to help focus career objectives and to make the most out of the intense learning and growing experience that is Pyramind. This class lays the ground-work necessary to generate the confidence and assets needed post-graduation to launch your career as a recording artist or producer or to find work doing what you love. 

The Live Performance course focuses on harnessing the power of Ableton Live to create sophisticated DJ sets and Live Performances. Whether you want to create all of your sounds on the fly, perform with a band, create a live show for a touring act, or simply DJ with the most power and flexibility possible this course is the answer for you.

Students will work with various types of MIDI controllers, workflows, and strategies culminating in an actual live performance at the end of class.

There are as many ways to produce music as there are people doing it, but some methods yield more consistently good results than others. This class will show you best practices in music production and will involve lots of in-class, hands-on activity. We’ll be integrating the concepts learned in the other classes into a cohesive workflow. Students will build ideas from day one towards a completed track in the style of their choosing.  


Throughout, students will learn more advanced concepts and techniques which can be applied to any DAW.  This course builds off of the lessons learned in our DAW courses as well as the Music Theory course as students learn various workflows, remixing techniques, and advanced concepts to take their music to the next level.

The new era of sound design is here and more accessible than ever. Synthesizers have changed the face of modern music and the quality of our films’ and games’ dramatically.  This course is designed to deliver a comprehensive understanding of Sound design basics using Native Instruments Products, Serum, Ableton Live Suite tools and Logic Pro X tools.


Concepts are reinforced through in-class lab work, homework assignments and the final project in which students create a sample pack of patches from every instrument covered in class.

The mixing and mastering processes are an essential part of the production process.  Student projects and mixes will be dissected in a workshop setting to determine what works and what doesn’t using a set of specified objective criteria. This class synthesizes ALL of the subjects learned to date – from music theory to songwriting, production tools and engineering concepts – as the students realize what a piece of music actually goes through to be finished! 


Students will learn how to utilize fundamental mixing concepts as well as creative techniques to bring their music to life and prepare their tracks for release.

*If you would like to customize your program by adding on other classes at a discounted rate, please contact our admissions staff HERE.  Popular options include our DJ/Performance, Live Performance, and Pro Tools courses.



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Pyramind offers courses that deliver what you want and need to learn – nothing else. The Electronic Music Producer program is perfect if you already have your degree, don’t want to be forced to take “required” courses or are looking to avoid the long-term debt of a university. You’ll save time and money by focusing on what matters most to your career.

evolve your sound

In this six month intensive electronic music producer program, you’ll develop a vocabulary with chords, melody, sound design skills, production speed, mixing chops and a reliable process to achieve the sonic results you’re looking for. After six months with us you’ll have the skills to release professional work and set the standard for the future of music.

People love to say “you’re crazy to chase a music career” because they chose not to follow their passions long ago. But if you’re brave enough to take the leap, find the right guidance, and invest the time required, you can achieve anything.


At Pyramind we believe in fueling your passion which is why we offer you the chance to chase your dreams, develop your skills, learn from caring instructors, and build collaborative relationships with other developing artists.


Take the next step in evolving your sound into your career and building the life you want by applying now. We’ll follow up with an interview to answer all your questions!


We can’t wait to hear what you create.


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